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#TBT: Jaromir Jagr once had his own peanut butter

In time with Penguins, star forward was a young phenom who inspired a unique product @NHLdotcom

It was a simpler time, the mid-1990s. It was a time when if someone was really good at hockey, you named a peanut butter for them.

Such was the case for Florida Panthers forward Jaromir Jagr.

In the opening act of his amazing career, Jagr was nothing short of a phenom with the Pittsburgh Penguins. And phenoms get stuff named after them.

So Fox Sports Pittsburgh, on a show hosted by former Penguin Troy Loney, did a segment on Jaromir Jagr Peanut Butter. The video is delicious.

Watch: Youtube Video

From Jagr's old-school hair flow to the fans reacting to the new product to Jagr's facetious story about how the peanut butter healed his groin injury, everything about this video is delightful.

But it's Ty Ballou, president of PLB Sports and the man who introduces the product to the world, who sums it all up.

"We think we have the smoothest athlete out there. And we also think we have the smoothest peanut butter as well."

To this day, Jagr is still smooth out on the ice. Wonder how the peanut butter has aged?

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