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Summer with Stanley

Schwartz, Bozak share day with Cup in Regina, Saskatchewan

Blues teammates took trophy to home province, met with premier

by @NHLdotcom

Tyler Bozak and Jaden Schwartz teamed up to bring the Stanley Cup to Regina, Saskatchewan, where hundreds lined up to meet the St. Louis Blues players and get a view of the trophy on Saturday. 

Bozak and Schwartz started the day by taking the Cup to the kids at Regina General Hospital.

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: Always time for the kids. #stlblues #StanleyCup

After that, the two Blues went on to share it with the masses with a public meet and greet, and a visit with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe.

Tweet from @keeperofthecup: Tyler and Jaden bring the #StanleyCup to Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. The Premier seems to be offering advice on how to improve the power play. 🙂 (Regina, SK) @StLouisBlues @NHL @HockeyHallFame @SKGov

Tweet from @PremierScottMoe: Saskatchewan Stanley Cup Selfie.

The players and Moe had a brief ceremony with the Cup that involved planting a Blues flag off the Saskatchewan Legislative Building and playing "Gloria."

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: Tyler Bozak and Jaden Schwartz deliver the #StanleyCup to the people of Regina. #stlblues

People were lined up early to meet Bozak and Schwartz, who were riding in style. 

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: Regina loves the Blues. And the #StanleyCup. #stlblues

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: This kid's face when seeing the #StanleyCup.

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: Look at this ride!!! 👀 #stlblues #StanleyCup

Bozak's daughter Blake also got some quality time with the Cup.

Tweet from @MollyBozak: Blakey and her two main men

They later had a smaller gathering with some celebratory cookies.

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: It���s the first time Jaden Schwartz and Tyler Bozak have won the #StanleyCup but you wouldn���t know it by looking at the spread. These guys know how to throw a party. #stlblues

Video: Schwartz, Bozak bring Cup to Regina

To cap off their day, Bozak and Schwartz were joined by fellow Saskatchewan native Brayden Schenn to show off the Cup during the first quarter of the Canadian Football League game between the Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders.

Tweet from @StLouisBlues: Not just an ordinary Sasky Saturday, eh @sskroughriders? #stlblues #StanleyCup

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