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Short Shifts

Little goalie has all the right dance moves

Noah Young gets down in full gear at novice AAA game @NHLdotcom

Those are some cold moves, kid.

Known to his teammates as the dancing goalie, 8-year-old Noah Young from Brampton, Ontario is known to a whole lot more people now.

During his novice AAA game on Saturday, Young took a moment to get the crowd going with a rousing rendition of "Juju On That Beat."

Watch: Youtube Video

A fan in the audience captured the whole thing and posted it to YouTube the same day, and since then it's taken off.

Young's mother, Paige Rowswell, told the CBC that her son has been taking hip-hop dancing lessons since last year. They're obviously paying off.

Rowswell said Young think it's great that so many people have seen him dancing (though she's not sure he realizes just how many).

"I'm kind of speechless," she said. "My girlfriends keep messaging me and messaging me. This is kind of insane."

He even got the attention of New Jersey Devils forward Adam Henrique, who then asked Devils goalie Keith Kinkaid to show what he's got.

Tweet from @AdamHenrique: . @Blockaid1 do you have these moves in your bag of tricks??

Kinkaid replied with the only real answer to this question.

Tweet from @Blockaid1: @AdamHenrique I could give him a run for his money. Only one way to settle this.. dance off

Bring. It. On.

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