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Larry David can't curb his enthusiasm for Kakko of Rangers

Star of HBO series defends rookie; New York coach fires jab of own at "Seinfeld' creator @NHLdotcom

Larry David has no issues airing his grievances when it comes to the handling of New York Rangers rookie Kaapo Kakko.  

The "Seinfeld" creator, star of the hit HBO show "Curb Your Enthusiam," and budding hockey analyst was making a case for the No. 2 pick in the 2019 NHL Draft on ESPN Radio's "The Michael Kay Show" on Tuesday. 

David, an avid Rangers and New York sports fan, was upset that Kakko was benched after taking a holding penalty with 7:52 remaining in New York's game against at the Calgary Flames on Saturday. The Rangers were trailing 4-3 at the time and yada, yada, yada lost by the same score.

The penalty, and benching by coach David Quinn, came after Kakko scored his seventh goal of the season at 5:46 of the second period.

Tweet from @TomUrtzJr: The video is even better.

"Why did he bench Kakko in that third period after he scored?" David asked Kay and co-host Don La Greca. "(He scores) his first goal in 14 games, had an assist, and he benches him because he takes a bad penalty. C'mon that's ridiculous." 

Quinn, when asked about the comments on Thursday, said he thought what David had to say was funny, but also fired back. 

"It made me laugh. It made me laugh," Quinn said. "Listen, that's coaching. If your feelings get hurt easily do not get into coaching. I've watched a few bad Seinfelds and Curbs. I still love Larry David and his work."

During the radio spot, La Greca, who also calls Rangers games on ESPN Radio, defended the coach. 

"You gotta learn when you take the bad penalties you can't be out there in these one-goal games. Every game is important," he said. "I can't believe I'm breaking down hockey with Larry David." 

But David wasn't having it. 

"But you think putting him on the bench is going to make him …. You don't think he knows that he took a bad penalty. He knows," David said. "Benching him is not going to do anything … They need another goal." 

La Greca again defended Quinn, saying he wasn't going to second-guess the Rangers coach, which only got David more fired up. 

"You are such a fraud," David said.

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