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Hurricanes hit home run with latest victory celebration

Foegele digs in, goes deep off Hamilton in nod to MLB

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

Hurricanes celebrate 3-1 win

EDM@CAR: Foegele goes yard in latest Storm Surge

Warren Foegele smacks the ball out of the park as the Hurricanes' Storm Surge turns to the diamond after their 3-1 victory against the Oilers

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Let's play ball!

With Major League Baseball teams beginning to report for spring training, the Carolina Hurricanes went with an homage to the game in their latest postgame celebration.

It began, as always with the Skol Clap, but then Hurricanes forward Warren Foegele dug in against defenseman Dougie Hamilton.

Stormy, the mascot, was catching. And whatever pitch he called for was hit a long, long way for a walk-off home run.

Foegele then skated around the "bases" and popped off his helmet and was mobbed by his teammates, complete with water bottle shower.

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