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Camo, color, social cause highlighted 2019 NHL Awards red carpet looks

Many players sported custom suits that showcased personal style

by Cristina Ledra @cledra / Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS -- The NHL's finest busted out their best threads for the 2019 NHL Awards presented by Bridgestone on Wednesday.

Many of the looks were custom made by a variety of suit makers with input from the players on design and color. Here are some of the Award nominees and winners describing their red-carpet looks in their own words.

Brent Burns, San Jose Sharks

"This is from Dom from Giovanni. He always does my suits. A local camo company from California, Kuiu, they sent the material up to Montreal to Dom and he was nice enough to make it."

Ryan O'Reilly, St. Louis Blues

"It's Elevee. I was feeling like something green. I think it goes well with my Irish roots. I wanted to wear a tux and I didn't want to wear a tie. I feel like when you win the Cup, you can get away with not wearing a tie.

"I couldn't believe that the season ended and next thing you know our PR guy said we have to get ready for the Awards, and I'm like, 'I can't even think about that right now.' Usually in years past you have a month or so to think about it, but it's a great problem to have."

Jason Zucker, Minnesota Wild

"I picked it. It's from Tom Marchitelli from Gentleman's Playbook. We sat down and picked it together. We loved the look of (purple) so I decided to run with it. I wanted to be bold."

Tweet from @ArizonaCoyotes: ������ if you think this photo is All That.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Arizona Coyotes

"I was trying to keep it pretty simple, black and white, and spark it up a little with the jacket. I'm happy with it and I always say if you don't have the looks, you have to dress nice.

On his rainbow bow tie with hockey sticks and pucks:

"I wanted to represent Hockey is for Everyone and I thought it was a good time to walk the red carpet with it and promote it a little bit. Everybody is welcome to play hockey and we respect everyone. It means a lot that I'm able to wear the bow tie and it popped the tuxedo a little bit."

Tweet from @DallasStars: The Bishops. #NHLAwards #GoStars

Ben Bishop, Dallas Stars

"I went to Hugo Boss. I went yesterday and they were very nice to us. They had about four or five options and we picked this one. I've worn a suit the last couple times, so I figured I go with the tux and bow tie this time. They had three suits and two tuxes and my son is wearing a little black tux that we got for him so I was like, 'Alright I guess I'll match him.'"

Sean Monahan, Calgary Flames

"RW & Co. actually set me up. Yesterday we did all the fittings and it turned out great. I wanted something like to match my shoes. That was my game plan and it worked out."

Elias Pettersson, Vancouver Canucks

"I bought it from a store back home in Sweden from a guy that has helped me throughout the years. It's a Hugo Boss suit from a store called Lads in Sundsvall. I wanted to keep it simple. I didn't know how the other players would dress and I didn't want to make a big statement."

Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers

"It's made by Eleventy. They like this drawstring thing (at the waistband). And this is a knit tie. I'm very comfortable. It's about as comfortable as you can get."

Justin Williams, Carolina Hurricanes

"This is my first time with a bow tie. It's from RW & Co. They're big with (Sharks defenseman) Erik Karlsson and a bunch of guys. I got the opportunity and I said, 'You know what? I'd love to.' I looked at four or five of them and said 'I like that one and that one' and they made the choice the rest of the way."

Joe Thornton, San Jose Sharks

"I don't know, it was in the closet and it was dry cleaned and here I am. It's pretty simple."

Victor Hedman, Tampa Bay Lightning

"I work closely with my guy Tom Marchitelli. The last two years I've been wearing blue and I wanted to do a different color and I like this one."

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