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Design contest winner isn't Devils teammate

Goalie Keith Kinkaid passes on entry by Adam Henrique

by Cristina Ledra @CLedra / Staff Writer

New Jersey Devils goaltender Keith Kinkaid picked a winner for his pad design contest and teammate Adam Henrique is mad online about the results.

Kinkaid and the Devils held a contest for fans to design his pads for the upcoming season. He announced Wednesday that the winner was Gary from Oak Ridge, N.J., for a design inspired by Devils legend Martin Brodeur.

Tweet from @NJDevils: JUST ANNOUNCED: @Blockaid1 has selected a fan-designed tribute to @MartinBrodeur as the winner of his pads contest!

Naturally, Henrique wasn't happy his submission didn't win and he let Kinkaid know.

Tweet from @AdamHenrique: Wow this contest was rigged! @Blockaid1 @NJDevils @steviegio11

Henrique's entry into the contest caused a stir last month. He designed "The Pads of Seduction" featuring former Devils forward Stephen Gionta's head on the body of "Seinfield" character George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander.

Tweet from @AdamHenrique: . @NJDevils I call them ���The Pads of Seduction��� inspired by @steviegio11! I hope you like them @Blockaid1

The design was met with universal approval, so Henrique's outrage is understandable. He was even named a finalist last week.

Tweet from @steviegio11: LOL!!!!!!@AdamHenrique, I don't have a response. This contest is rigged if the design doesn't win @Blockaid1

Tweet from @Blockaid1: @AdamHenrique @NJDevils @steviegio11 They're perfect. What do you guys think @VaughnHockey ?

Tweet from @VaughnHockey: .@Blockaid1 @AdamHenrique @NJDevils @steviegio11 we're not sure if these are leg pads anymore or pure Art!! ����

A tribute to one of the greatest players of all time will just have to do.

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