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McDavid told he wears wrong skate size by well-meaning Boston rink worker

Oilers captain's boots were a little too big for his liking, but he wore them anyway @NHLdotcom

Connor McDavid apparently has been wearing the wrong sized skates this whole time, at least according to a well-intentioned rink worker in Boston.

The Edmonton Oilers captain skates tried to rent skates with his brother Cam and a friend at Boston Common Frog Pond on Saturday, only to be told that he was asking for the wrong size.

"The lady was trying to give me some advice on what size I should go with," McDavid said Tuesday. "I went with it. I wasn't going to argue with her."

McDavid was the winner of the fastest skater competition last season with a time of 13.02, but imagine how fast he'd gone if he'd been wearing the proper sized skates?

Instagram from @cammcdavid: Highlight of the weekend was when the skate lady corrected Connor about his skate size, explaining that his skate size should be one less than his shoe size

Even though the fit was unnatural, McDavid said his rented boots were fine.

"The skates were a little big, but they did the trick," he said.

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