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2019 NHL/NHLPA concussion education video fact sheet

by NHL Public Relations @PR_NHL

2019 Concussion Education Video

NHL and NHLPA 2019 Concussion Education Video

The NHL and NHLPA created a video to educate players, parents, coaches and team medical staff at all levels of hockey to recognize a concussion

  • 13:25 •

What: A 13-minute video produced by NHL Studios in conjunction with the National Hockey League and NHL Players' Association created to help players, parents, coaches and team medical staff at all levels of hockey recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion and better understand how to proceed when a player is suspected to have suffered a concussion.


Who: Appearances by current and former players who have experience with concussions, team and League medical professionals and recognized experts in the field of concussion diagnosis and treatment. Including: 
Pat LaFontaine, Hockey Hall of Famer 
Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins Forward 
Gabriel Landeskog, Colorado Avalanche Forward 
Charlie McAvoy, Boston Bruins Defenseman 
Mark Stone, Vegas Golden Knights Forward 
Dr. Willem Meeuwisse, NHL Medical Director  
Dr. Ruben Echemendia, Co-Chair NHL/NHLPA Concussion Subcommittee, Neuropsychologist 
Dr. Paul Comper, Co-Chair NHL/NHLPA Concussion Subcommittee, Neuropsychologist 
Dr. Mark Aubry, Ottawa Senators Team Physician 
Dr. Anthony Colucci, Detroit Red Wings Team Physician  
Mandi Duhamel, Former CWHL Player & Coach, Regional Director, NHL Growth Initiatives 
Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, Sport Neurologist, NHLPA Consultant 
Dr. John Rizos, NHLPA Medical Consultant 

What they say:

Pat LaFontaine: "We have learned a lot from science but there is still a lot we don't know. What we are sure of is: If you suspect you have a concussion, you need to report your symptoms quickly and accurately."

Patrice Bergeron: "Don't be afraid to let a coach or a member of the medical staff know that you think your teammate might be dealing with some symptoms of a concussion. Because that can go a really long way with him."

Mark Stone, Vegas Golden Knights: "I didn't feel a ton of symptoms right away. But, the next day, I was definitely thankful that they pulled me out of activity."

Gabriel Landeskog, Colorado Avalanche: "I think honesty is the No. 1 thing, the No. 1 step in recovery, really. Honesty to yourself, honesty to your parents, your coaches, your medical staff."

Dr. Willem Meeuwisse: "Not all big hits cause concussions and not all concussions come from big hits…Not all concussions have visible signs. That's why players reporting their symptoms is so important."

Dr. Ruben Echemendia: "We know that if we intervene with those symptoms early, then the individual will have a much quicker recovery with far fewer complications."

Mandi Duhamel: "As a coach, it is your responsibility to look during a game and when you see these impacts happen, to talk to the players about what is going on."

Dr. Anthony Colucci: "It's important to take the player off the ice immediately after a suspected concussion, because the brain is very vulnerable at that point."


Where: Video is posted to, the NHL's Media Website (, NHL Social Media Channels (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), NHL YouTube Channel.


Why: At a Hockey Player Safety Summit hosted by the NHL in January 2018 (which focused on the Berlin Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport as well as related concussion diagnosis and management issues), the NHL shared an educational video on concussion, which is updated annually and sent to NHL Clubs to show to Players, Club Coaching Staffs, Club management, and Club medical personnel. (The video is also annually shown to the League's On-Ice Officials, among others.) Various Summit participants (both during the two-day Program and thereafter) expressed an interest in obtaining access to the educational video for use with their own respective Players and other constituent members. The NHL and NHLPA collaborated to produce this version, suitable for viewing by participants at all levels of the game. 


Who Attended: Representatives from the following hockey governing bodies participated in the 2018 Hockey Player Safety Summit: IIHF, USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, NCAA, AHL, CHL, USHL, ECHL, CWHL, NWHL, CJHL.



Link to CRT 5 -- Concussion Recognition Tool (For Everyone):

Link to SCAT5 -- Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (For Medical Professionals Only): 

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