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Tweets of the Game: Penalty Party 11/20/2016

Recapping the LA Kings 3-2 win over the Anaheim Ducks

by Emily Griganavicius @LAKings /


Tweet from @LAKings: Warm up time in Anaheim �� #LAKings

Tweet from @stu_nolastname: In enemy territory..... #GKG #LAKings

Tweet from @d4martinis: @LAKings @BaileyLAKings @GustlTweets #gkg #beattheducks

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: Cmon @lakings.... Beat The Quacks and get �������� more points tonight!! #lakings #gokingsgo

Tweet from @TerryMac2: The @AnaheimDucks and @LAKings face off at 5 p.m. Both teams have winning streaks on the line. Honestly, does it get any better?

Tweet from @RobinR_84: Let's DO THIS! #LAKings #FreewayFaceoff #GOKINGSGO ����������������

First Period. 

Tweet from @LAKings: "If there's anyone who deserves a raise right now, it's Peter Budaj!" - @JimFox19 Tweet from @CynthiaInCali: Less than a minute in and #LAKings already on a kill

Tweet from @Biszmom: Doughty in the box... #LAKings

Tweet from @megsauce: Carter in the sin bin now #LAKings

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: Go Nolan!! #LAKings #gokingsgo

Tweet from @RobinR_84: Oh how I LOVE hearing the GO KINGS GO chant in Anaheim. #LAKings #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @Lhultin: Third penalty. Not ok, #LAKings.

Tweet from @redfive___: @LAKings pls don't get anymore penalties. pls.

Tweet from @geektrooper: So, @LAKings... no more penalties for the rest of the game. #LAKings #ANAvsLAK

Tweet from @MattDeBlasi: 0-0 after 1. Wow that period! #LAKings

Tweet from @LAKings: End of the 1st: scoreless.

Second Period.

Finally, something other than a penalty. Doughty. 1-0.

Tweet from @hockeyoveryou: GOOOOOOOOOOOAL DRRRREEEW ��#LAKings

Tweet from @jennoku: NO DOUGHTY ABOUT IT @LAKings ��������������

Tweet from @AngieInGotham: Drew. #LAKings

Tweet from @DaemonChadeau: @LAKings it was Budaj-ful.

#DadGoals continue. Carter. 2-0. 

Tweet from @jem_itaots: atta boy, Carter. Mr. 600 Points. #LAKings

And he keeps going. Carter. 3-0.


Tweet from @x3pinkyx3: CONGRATS TO @JeffCarter_77 FOR CAREER POINT NUMBER 600 AND 601!!!!!!! @LAKings

Tweet from @kayaubrianna: That Carter is on fireeeee. #LAKings

Tweet from @jollywhiskey: A power play goal? What? #LAKings

 Tweet from @AlliSilis: OMG CARTER THE POWER PLAY HERO #LAKings #FreewayFaceoff

Don't worry, you weren't alone...

Tweet from @CriminalCaboose: I can't contain myself, 3-0!!!! #LAKings

Tweet from @LAKings: end of 2nd feelings

Third Period. 

Tweet from @JohnJessee: Why is it I am more nervous leading by 3 than if we were leading by 1? Oh, yeah, cuz I'm a @LAKings FAN!

Tweet from @FatsoTC: Come on guys... stay outta that box!! #GoKingsGo @LAKings


Tweet from @hockeyoveryou: Ducks goal ����#LAKings

 Hopefully, they check our Twitter mentions on the bench. 

Tweet from @AugieRunGood: Dear #LAKings please stay out of the Penalty Box!!! #NHLDucks #LAKvsANA #NHL

Tweet from @Michelle_Pinsky: I do NOT like that CLINK sound. #LAKings


Tweet from @el_ynaffit: me RN #LAKings

Final. 3-2. 

Tweet from @totallysorandom: #LAKINGS WIN!!!!!*whew! ��#ItWas3to0

Tweet from @GustlTweets: WE WIN!!!! @LAKINGSHahahahahaha Tied for 1st place with Anaheim!!

Tweet from @karenluvssports: Oh my Gosh.... My heart, my stomach, my heart. #KingsWin @LAKings

Tweet from @x3pinkyx3: What an intense ending @LAKings!!!!

Tweet from @courtneychaffee: @LAKings @GustlTweets When you're a Duck, but you wish you were a King... #GOKINGSGO great game!

Tweet from @LAKings: Current mood

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