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The Science of Hockey: Recovery

LA Kings Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Matt Price breaks down the keys to recovery

by LA Kings @LAKings /

NHL teams play 82 games in 172 days, averaging a game every other day. In addition to that, each team plays between 10 and 17 back-to-back games, which can add an additional gruelling aspect to the schedule.

So, LA Kings Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Matt Price is sharing how he optimizes recovery periods to help better the Kings' athletic performance. 

The "Three Big R's of Recovery" are:

  1. Refuel
    • consume a recovery drink filled with carbohydrates and protein within 30 minutes of activity
    • consume a high-quality postgame meal within 2 hours of activity 
  2. Rehydrate
    • players can lose as much as 5% their bodyweight in sweat, so it's important to consume 1.5 times what was lost to rehydrate the body
  3. Repair
    • ice baths and compression pants can help repair muscles 
    • 8-9 hours of quality sleep is recommended  

Video: Matt Price on the recovery process for the LA Kings

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