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You can have summer, and hockey too!

by Mick E. / Winnipeg Jets

If you can't wait until October to get your fill of hockey, then the Manitoba Museum's new exhibit Hockey: Stories Behind our Passion could be your ticket to get through this hot, hot summer. I was there July 8 to check out all the hockey history of the exhibit. Especially cool is the Manitoba: Heart of Hockey display, which explains some of why we are so hockey crazy in this town! There's lots of great Jets and Moose stuff in there too, including some of Laine's equipment! Winnipeg is Good!

Our buddy, Jets alumnus Ab McDonald has his very own feature case that is a look back at his 14-year NHL career, featuring memorabilia from his four Stanley Cup wins (yes four!). So, if you haven't had a chance yet, you should definitely check it out. I'm filling up my dance card for the season and know I'll be back there to hang out on September 22, October 28, and January 6. Come see me and be entered to win some cool Jets and Moose prizes!

Moving on from the comfort of the air-conditioned museum, I enjoyed an extremely sweltering day on Saturday at the Carmen Country Fair Parade - totally worth the trip!!

I hope to see you next on Saturday, July 21 at 10 a.m. for the Manitoba Stampede Parade in Morris, Manitoba.

Remember, it's getting extremely toasty out there so be sure to stay hydrated when you're enjoying Manitoba's great outdoors! Anyone know who gives a good Moose buzz cut?!?!

To stay hot on the Moose trail, follow me on Twitter at @MickEMoose_00.

Mick E.

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