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SOCIAL SPOTLIGHT: Devils Play Simulated Game for Fans

It's an odd world right now, but the Devils hope they provided some escape with their first live stream of a simulated game

by Chris Wescott TheChrisWescott /

It's like an episode of Black Mirror, or some weird alternate reality. 

Sports are on a pause right now and people are staying home. But given today's technology, there's no reason we can't have some fun during the hiatus.


The New Jersey Devils attempted to give fans a distraction and rally their fan base by live-streaming a simulated game of EA Sports NHL 20, the game that would have been played tonight at Prudential Center had the season not been put on pause as the world tries to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Devils defeated the Calgary Flames 6-4 despite more than 100 shots on goal from the Flames (what was that all about?). The game wouldn't be complete without post-game interviews. Cory Schneider called in to chat about his 98 save performance.

Video: 1-ON-1 | Post-Game Cory Schneider

The Devils plan on streaming their remaining 2019-20 scheduled games in a similar fashion.

Here are some of the highlights from social media from the evening:

Tweet from @NJDevils: Less than one hour 'til war. : 7 PM: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, | #NJDevils

Tweet from @NJDevils: #NJDEVILS GOAL! Mikey scores! For some reason hes wearing No. 9 but its McLeods goal! | #CGYvsNJD

Tweet from @gary_prihar: I cant stop watching

Tweet from @RMS3RD: When all sports are cancelled due to Coronavirus. Leaves you watching simulated @NJDevils are pumped!

Tweet from @jerlenaz: @NJDevils Thanks so much for doing this and trying something creative to bring back a sense of "normalcy"

Tweet from @JMC9787: Im actually watching this like its a real game. Nice relief.

Tweet from @EvrybdyLvsSteve: Oh HELL YEA! Thisll do! Thanks @NJDevils

Tweet from @Mrupandgo_: This @NJDevils sim is amazing! Lets go devils!

Tweet from @SteampunkMuppet: Look at this great idea

Tweet from @NJDevils: Jack dominating Rookie mode: | #CGYvsNJD

Tweet from @BostonChampss: oof. I really appreciate you guys doing this as a Bruins fan though. I miss watching hockey and this is pretty entertaining

Tweet from @MLDBanks: I love this so much.

Tweet from @NJDevils: Hands by Hischier: | #CGYvsNJD

Tweet from @Steve_Ecto14: What an amazing idea everyone! First semi normal thing my son has done in over a week and hes THRILLED.Please keep these coming

Tweet from @realBJadisky: Every home NHL team should run this simulation for all their games. Better than nothing.

Tweet from @elisha96779748: That was so much fun. Thank yall for doing this.

Tweet from @TheDarklord2313: Thanks for doing this for the fans. This is why the Devils have the best PR/media team.

Tweet from @DavidNolan27: LETS GO @NJDevils BIG WIN!!!! Yes I actually watched the whole sim game, and yes I miss hockey 

Tweet from @KyleDowbnia: Keep em coming, stream was great

Tweet from @DevilsMSGN: The Devils are undefeated during the hiatus

Tweet from @jakejurich: The @NJDevils streamed an EA simulation of a game that wouldve happened today and now the actual players are video conferencing about their performances and this is actually the brightest light Ive seen on this app in weeks lmaoooo

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