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Retro Night Superlatives

Which are your favorite Retro Night Superlatives?

by Brian Born @BrianBorn /

In honor of New Jersey Devils Retro Night, we cracked opened the yearbooks of seasons past and reviewed some of the Devils best superlatives based off of their team photos. Here are some of our favorites. 

Corey Schwab

Most likely to be Keanu Reeves' stunt double in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.


John MacLean


Most likely to really enjoy his last year of hair.


Steve Thomas


Most likely to forget to return his VHS tapes to Blockbuster.


Brent Ashton

Most likely to be have told you to "Cut. It. Out." 


Craig Billington


Most likely to fear R.L. Stine's book series "Goosebumps."


Claude Loiselle


Most likely to have asked where his best friend "Butthead" is. 


Mel Bridgman

Most likely to scoff at Adam Henrique's mustache.


Red Gendron

I'm Ron Burgundy?


Chris McAlpine

Most likely to be skeptical of this photographer, bro.

Uli Hiemer

Most likely to ask you to pull his finger.


Laurie Boschman

Most likely to have his Beanie Babies in their original packaging. 


Joe Cirella

 Most likely to think that the movie "Independence Day" was a documentary.


Neil Brady

Most likely to not wear a helmet so he can impress the ladies during warmups.


Randy McKay



Bob Hoffmeyer

Most likely to be Commissioner Gordon in the new Batman movie.


Aaron Broten

Most likely to not feed his Tamagotchi and can't figure out why it keeps dying.


Bobby Holik

Most likely to be Czech's Next Top Model.


Tommy Abelin

 Most likely to be the villain in the next Die Hard movie.


Bruce Driver

Most likely to have just learned about a more popular Bruce in NJ.


Shawn Chambers

Most likely to have heard everything you said when whispering about him.


Danton Cole

Most likely to be Michael J. Fox's understudy for Teen Wolf Too. 

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