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Rapid Reaction: Anything can happen in Jersey, NJD wins NHL Draft Lottery

Devils defy odds and win first overall pick in 2017 NHL Entry Draft

by Brian Born @BrianBorn /

Devils win 2017 draft lottery

Devils make big jump to win 2017 NHL draft lottery

The Devils make a big jump to win the 2017 NHL draft lottery as the Flyers and Stars round out the top three

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Don't ever tell the Devils the odds. Entering Saturday's NHL Draft Lottery, New Jersey held just an 8.5% chance of being awarded with the first pick in June's entry draft. The Devils began the night slotted in the fifth draft pick slot and could've fallen as far as eighth. Luckily, the hockey gods had other plans in mind. 

The Devils won the NHL Draft Lottery, earning themselves the first overall pick in the 2017 NHL Draft. Since the team's move to New Jersey, the club has never held the first overall pick. Devils GM Ray Shero showed his excitement for the Jersey fan-base and trusts John Hynes' track record of developing young talent following the draft lottery results. "This gives some optimism and hope to our fans, who deserve it. They've had some tough years lately, but certainly lived through a lot of good ones as well. [Devils coach John Hynes] has a good track record of developing good young players, and we're going to get one."

Tweet from @NJDevils: "This is a great day for our franchise & to pick 1st overall, to have that for our #NJDevils fans & our organization, is great news."- Shero

Fans of Jersey's Team shared their excitement along with Shero and voiced their excitement on Twitter. Check out the rapid reactions below. 

It all started at 8PM when the Devils, Flyers and Stars vaulted into the Top 3 draft slots. Tweet from @NJDevils: We've secured a Top 3 pick! Stay tuned for the final results... #NHLDraftLottery

Moments later the results were in and it was true…The Devils defied the odds. Tweet from @NJDevils: �� The #NJDevils have won the #1 pick in the #NHLDraft! ��

Adam Henrique wasted no time, giving credit to Shero (who isn't superstitious) for wearing his "lucky" tie. Tweet from @AdamHenrique: Great work Ray! #luckytie?

Shero seemed to disagree with Rico, giving all the credit to Jersey Girl Kathryn Tappen. Tweet from @markhmasters: Ray Shero asked if he had lucky charm tonight: "I think it's @KathrynTappen. She's from New Jersey & had the red on." 

The Devils chances were only listed at 8.5% to win the lottery. It seemed that the odds-makers didn't consider that Jersey already has the self-proclaimed "NHL Lottery Ball Specialist" on our roster. Tweet from @hallsy09: Officially adding "NHL lottery ball specialist" to my hockey resume.

Devils alum Bruce Driver received the birthday present he's been asking for. Tweet from @BruceDriver23: What a Great Day!My Birthday & We Win the 2017 NHL Draft Lottery!! @NJDevils @NHL #DevilsAlumni #OneJersey

The Boston College Eagles Hockey Team shared their congratulations to two hockey dads who they know pretty well. Tweet from @BCHockey: When two BC hockey dads work for the @NJDevils, we'll celebrate the No. 1 pick too. Congrats Mr. Shero and Mr. Fitzy!

NJ Devil was already having a good day (thanks to a double-OT ending in a particular playoff game) and winning the first overall pick was just the "cherry on top." Tweet from @NJDevil00: Just kidding my day got even better. The @NJDevils won the #NHLDraftLottery and will select 1st in this year's #NHLDraft!

The #DevilsTwitter community all shared similar reactions.Tweet from @NJDevils: TFW you just won the #NHLDraftLottery and will choose first in the 2017 #NHLDraft. from @drewr15: So my daughter might have been a little excited we won the draft lottery @NJDevils @DevilsInsiders @Loofighter from @mb_david: @NJDevils from @SunilSunderRaj3: @NJDevils from @hockeyfan2824: @NJDevils Wow I literally had tears of joy when we won the draft lottery!!! ��������������Tweet from @sisfog78: @NJDevils Woo hoo!! ���� from @brightmatty: @NJDevils YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)I CAN'T WAIT FOR NHL DRAFT!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)Tweet from @SherosHeroes: This lottery also proves the @NJDevils still own the Flyers.

Although Devils fans were ecstatic by the lottery results, not everyone seemed to share the same sentiment. Tweet from @Avalanche: No.Tweet from @Avalanche: NO!Tweet from @Avalanche: ��������

All-in-all, it was a good day for Jersey's Team. Tweet from @NJDevils: Today was a good day. #NHLDraftLottery

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