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BLOG: MacKinnon on having assets

Could the Devils move up the draft board if a prospect they like slips? They have the assets and flexibility to do so

by Chris Wescott /

The New Jersey Devils currently hold 10 picks in the upcoming 2019 NHL Draft, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll select 10 players.

Armed with those picks, including three in the second and two in the third rounds, New Jersey has more than enough assets to navigate up and down the draft board should they want and/or need to. Should a veteran player become available via trade, picks could be packaged. But what if it's not a veteran player who the Devils have their eyes on?

In chatting with Senior Director of Player Personnel Dan MacKinnon, it is clear that the Devils like the depth at the top of this draft. MacKinnon says that this is a year in which there will be players taken in the second who have first-round talent. Logic would say they're in pretty good shape holding onto their three picks in the second round.

But what if a player starts to slip in the first who they really like? Does having all these picks at their disposal give them the flexibility and freedom to go up and get that guy?

"Absolutely," said MacKinnon. "That's a fair question and something we discuss with (Executive Vice President, General Manager/Alternate Governor) Ray Shero. It's something you plan for and you identify. It's tough to execute in the moment, but you certainly have scenarios already set in your mind where if Player X has slipped a little bit and that one team you think might be a partner to get something done is in that range, that's when you strike."

We'll see what the Devils do come June 21-22 in Vancouver, but they certainly have options.

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