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Figure Skating: Freestyle Sessions

Registration Steps

Step 1 (Plans and Pricing):

The freestyle ice fee is in addition to your class fee, you may purchase from Ford Ice Center Antioch or Bellevue in advance online or at our front desk.

  • $5 for Freestyle 30-minute Sessions: Pre-register and pay for your freestyle selections on the 25th of each month for the following month to ensure your spot.
  • $5 for Freestyle 30-minute Walk-On: Does not guarantee you a spot during busy sessions. Not recommended if you have a private lesson scheduled, early online registration strongly encouraged.
  • $425 for Unlimited Monthly Freestyle Ice: This membership is good for an entire calendar month. It allows the most flexibility and includes SHARP class additional ice fees. Skaters selecting this option must first pay for unlimited ice, then register for sessions attending online or in-house. The software will recognize your unlimited status allowing you to get your name on sessions attending to ensure your spot.

Step 2 (Check in):

  • If you are a walk-on: The friendly front desk staff will collect payment and provide a receipt that corresponds with the session(s) purchased to give to ice monitor.
  • Check in - All athletes must check in with our friendly front desk staff upon arrival to check-in for each session purchased that day.

  • Athletes must wear wrist band while on the ice to ensure all athletes are properly registered.

  • Unlimited FS Membership athletes must also reserve sessions skating and check in with front desk each day, check in for all sessions skating and wear wrist band.

  • Enter & Exit - Remember your athlete must only enter and exit the ice on time for each 30-minute purchased session

  • Not Checked in? - Athletes on the ice without following our check-in procedures will be asked to leave the ice until they are confirmed as paid, checked in, wearing a wrist band.

Step 3 (Important Reminders):

These details are helpful to both new and long-time members of our community. Please read all procedures and policies:

HOCKEY SKATING SKILLS | Hockey skating skills are allowed on Freestyle sessions, athletes MUST be in a lesson. Additional policies include:

  • No hockey sticks allowed on Freestyle sessions
  • Helmets recommended and encouraged, but no hockey face masks allowed on Freestyle sessions

PARENTS - Please register athlete for sessions by using dropdown menu in DaySmart. Avoid registering yourself.

Private lessons DO NOT include $5 ice fee rental for Freestyle sessions.

SHARP classes | Golden Edge classes DO NOT include $5 ice fee rental (exception - Adult Golden Edge class does include FS fee)


  • Athletes must use the party rooms designated for homework during their time at Ford Ice Centers. The Lobby areas and upstairs atrium areas are reserved for additional guest needs and special events.

  • Please do not set up school in lobby or restaurant areas in either facility


  • Ford Ice Centers have a "no outside food" policy. We have a full concession stand at Antioch and our signature restaurant Draft Picks at Bellevue. Looking for something new? Let us know!

  • If you wish to bring your own snack/lunch, please step outside of Ford Ice Centers to consume. Exception in Bellevue before 3pm, athletes training may bring their own lunch prior to Draft Picks opening at 3pm.

  • Please use party room designated for athletes to eat lunch during training hours.


  • ACCOUNTABILITY | Our athletes take pride in their roles as ambassadors of the rink(s). Athletes feel part of a community and a sense of accountability to, thereby encouraging them to value the process, the rules, and our check-in process.

  • SPORTSMANSHIP | All skaters, regardless of whether they hold home club, associate, non-member or guest status are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship and be courteous toward their fellow skaters, coaches, parents/guardians of skaters, Ford Ice Center staff, U.S. Figure Skating officials and guests.

  • GOLDEN RULE | Treat other people like you want to be treated - with respect. Both on and off the ice!

  • CONSCIENTIOUS | While in lesson or practice, it is the athletes responsibility to always be conscientious, mindful, and respectful with awareness of other athletes around them. Athletes must skate with the flow of other athletes and familiarize themselves with the most commonly used areas for jumps and spins.

  • RIGHT OF WAY | The only time an athlete has the SOLE right of way is when they are skating their program to music. When you hear another athlete's music, extend that athlete the courtesy and move out of their path momentarily. This only takes a moment and you will enjoy the same courtesy while you are performing your program. Please wear the colored belt when running your program so others know you have the right of way. (Limit to one time per session per athlete)

  • PATIENCE AND RESPECT | Advanced athletes are expected to exhibit patience toward all and/or beginner athletes. Remember, you were an inexperienced skater once, and it takes time for our future generation to advance to the point where they are completely comfortable skating with all levels of athletes.

  • ZERO TOLERANCE | Unsafe and/or discourteous behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.

  • SKATE SAFE - No cell phones allowed in locker rooms per U.S. Figure Skating SkateSafe manual for members.

NOT FEELING WELL? | If you do not feel well, please stay home! Your fellow training team mates are counting on you to keep them healthy!

We appreciate your attention and help in keeping our freestyle ice properly supported by following the above procedures. Hockey and curling are waiting in the wings for more ice time. Let's continue to create an amazing culture of excellence, integrity, respect and community allowing our Scott Hamilton Skating Academy and partner SHARP programs to grow to their full potential.