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Fan Video Content: For Smashville

What We Need

Nashville Predators Specific Videos

  • 30 Seconds of "Let's Go Preds" with clapping 
  • 30 Seconds of "Let's go Preds" without clapping  
  • Video of you chanting "It's all your fault! It's all your fault! It's all your fault!"  

Generic Videos

  • 30 seconds of reacting to a Preds goal being scored (For the first three seconds, you should pretend that you are anticipating the goal, and then explode into your celebration)
  • 30 seconds of you chanting, "We Want the Cup!"

Addtional Information on Filming

  • Have your phone positioned so it is recording horizontally and waist up (seated or standing)  
  • Look directly into the camera  
  • Don't be afraid to play to the camera. Feel free to get close to your camera lens and pull back. Make sure you remain in frame during a celebration that you remain in frame.  
  • If you start in a seated position and then decided to stand, please make sure that your head doesn't get cropped
  • Bring the energy for Smashville!
  • Go wild, jump, cheer, clap, high-five/hug the person next to you. The crazier you are the better! 
  • When setting yourself up to record, try to choose a location that avoids the appearance of paintings, posters, professional photography or any other art in the background 
  • Please choose a quiet place that also avoids other audio playing in the background
  • Creativity and self-expression are encouraged, but less can be more when it comes to the types of things in the background of the shot!  
  • The footage you take may appear on a variety of platforms (In-arena, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Television). Keep this in mind if people in your household may wander in while you're recording (pets are fine)

How To Send Your Videos

  • In the body of the email, please include your name and if applicable, please include the names of all person(s) included in the videos
  • Please email all videos and waivers to Videos without waivers will not be used