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Featured charities for the 2015-16 season:

Each season the Nashville Predators Foundation spotlights four grant recipients that do tremendous work in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee community. These organizations will receive exclusive opportunities throughout the season including in-arena drives, Predators participation in events, tickets to home games, recognition in team publications as well as other unique opportunities.

Brown Center for Autism


Preds Drive: Clinical Supply Drive - Wish List

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to help realize the potential of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders through individualized and collaborative treatment, and community and parent education.

Counties/State Served: Tennessee, Worldwide

About Brown Center for Autism: Located in the heart of Nashville, the Brown Center for Autism is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that delivers year-round, family-focused programming for young children through six years old who are impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders. Since 2008, the Brown Center's comprehensive family approach to intervention has been truly changing the landscape of traditional autism treatment. Families, educators, and interns from a dozen U.S. states and territories and from as far as Japan, Belgium, France, Canada and Russia have relocated to Nashville to become part of the Brown Center. Family and staff members work together to develop goals for each child, and staff members are heavily cross-trained across disciplines to deliver the greatest consistency in each and every treatment session and in the home. It is our firm belief that this strategy is the core of successful therapeutic programming for children with autism and the key to helping our children achieve their highest potential. Because of this unique approach and our strong, data-driven outcomes, our Nashville-based program is sought out internationally, and our vision is to replicate and share our model world-wide.

Did you know?

  • Autism occurs five times more often in boys than girls
  • Autism is more common than childhood cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined
  • There is no known cure for Autism. However, early diagnosis and early behavioral-based interventions can help children significantly improve their communication and social abilities.

How will funds from your drive night be used?

Funds from the Predators Clinical Supply Drive for the Brown Center will be used solely to purchase critical educational supplied utilized in intervention for young children with Autism. Because early intervention is specialized and intensive, the ongoing need for teaching supplies is great and costly. Each donation will help us continue to provide the highest quality intervention at the most affordable possible cost to our families.

Davis House Child Advocacy Center


Preds Drive: New stuffed animals and snacks/juice boxes for our child clients. Our child clients are allowed to pick out a new stuffed animal after their forensic interview. This not only provides a sense of comfort during a traumatic time, but also give them a sense of control again. We also provide snacks for the children as they are usually at our Center for long periods of time.

Mission Statement: The mission of Davis House Child Advocacy Center is to combat child abuse by coordinating services to children and their families in crisis and providing community education focused on prevention and early intervention.

Counties/State Served: Williamson, Lewis, Hickman and Perry counties of Tennessee

About Davis House: Davis House provides investigative and healing services in response to allegations of sexual and/or severe physical abuse perpetrated on children. We work closely with Law Enforcement, Department of Children's Services, office of the District Attorney General's (21st Judicial District), and Juvenile Court by providing forensic interviews to elicit first-hand information from the child in a non-threatening and non-leading manner. Our Child and Family Advocacy program shepherds families during the investigative process by providing support, information, coordination of services and court orientation when necessary. Davis House also provides counseling services designed to support abuse victims and their families through the healing process after the abuse. All services are provided at no cost to the families as they are designed to help the family return to a normalcy that will allow them to reach their full potential. We also provide community based prevention and awareness programs.

Did you know?

Davis House serves an average of 400 new child clients each year. According to national statistics, 1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before they turn 18, however only 12% of cases are actually reported to authorities. There is an immense need for our services.

How will the funds from your drive night be used?

The funds will help provide investigative and healing services to children who have suffered sexual or severe physical abuse and to their non-offending caregivers. All services are provided at no cost to the families.

Habitat for Paws


Preds Drive: Light weight tethers, collars, food pans, water buckets, canned dog food, water proof insulated dog coats

Mission Statement: Provide support for pet owners in breaking the cycle of suffering for chained dogs.

Counties/State Served: Middle Tennessee (Davidson, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner & Williamson counties)

About Habitat for Paws: HFP eases the frustration and loneliness of dogs living a chained existence by building fences for families at no cost: simply to help a dog live a chain-free life. We Call Them Our Dogs in Need - Every single Dog in Need has a name. Has a soul. And now can enjoy FREEDOM from an isolated and vulnerable life at the end of a chain. Within a few short days of when we first meet a Dog in Need, they receive a lightweight tether, insulated dog house and straw. For some, this is the first shelter and comfort they've ever known. We assess whether they need medical care and spaying or neutering. After each dog is spayed or neutered they are placed on the fence build schedule. We build a fence at no cost and celebrate the unchaining with our volunteers, our Dog in Need, the family and the community.

Did you know?

Chained dogs are 2.8 times more likely to bite than unchained dogs. As pack animals, dogs thrive with socialization and companionship. Living a life alone and chained can change a dog's natural gentle temperament into a threatening one. Habitat for Paws not only allows a dog to be a dog, but also helps to keep communities safe. Families will often have many other dogs over the course of their lifetime. Providing non-judgmental assistance and education, we build a relationship with a family on how to best care for their four-legged family members. When given the possibility of caring for their dogs in a different way, or just to give them the little bit of help they need to do so, we have changed the lives of many more potential dogs living in that one home alone. Allowing the dog to stay in the home also reduces high animal shelter rates. By getting to know people and helping them see their pets in a whole new light, we can help change the expectations of a family, a neighborhood, and a community.

How will the funds from your drive night be used?

How Funds from Predators Game Night will be: As an all-volunteer organization Habitat For Paws will utilize donations from the Predators Game night to provide Igloo dog houses, light weight tethers, straw & coats in cold weather, food pans, water buckets and fencing (after each dog is spayed or neutered).

Nashville Diaper Connection


Preds Drive:  Disposable baby diapers sizes 2-6

Mission Statement: Nashville Diaper Connection's mission is to ensure that every baby in Nashville has enough diapers to remain clean, dry and healthy. Our diaper bank provides emergency supplies of infant/toddler diapers for our most vulnerable neighbors. Meeting this critical need pays off. Babies living in healthier, lower stress environments are more likely to be happier, more successful citizens of Nashville when they are adolescents, teens and adults.

Counties/State served: Nashville/Davidson County

About Diaper Connection: Founded in 2013, Nashville Diaper Connection's mission is to provide emergency supplies of baby diapers to families that otherwise might not have them. We are Nashville's only Diaper Bank. Unlike emergency "safety nets" for food, utilities, housing or medical care, there are no other consistent sources for this basic essential need. Our Diaper Bank follows Food Bank practices to help struggling families. Instead of food, we do diapers.

To date Nashville Diaper Connection has:

  • Provided over 6,000 emergency packs of diapers totaling over 150,000 diapers to Nashville children in-need over the previous 2 years.
  • Has been supported through diaper drives and donations by over 25 area churches, businesses, and schools
  • Collaborates with seven leading Nashville community service and family support resources to get diapers to families that need them
  • Mayor Karl Dean proclaimed September 28 - October 4, 2015 Diaper Need Awareness Week in Nashville as a part of the National Diaper Need Awareness Campaign

Did you know?

Diapers are not covered by any Federal or State safety net program such as food stamps (SNAP) or WIC program. If a family can't afford diapers, a baby may spend extended periods, sometimes days in the same soiled diapers. This increases the likelihood of unnecessary health problems including severe diaper rash increased chance of infections. Babies in wet or dirty diapers are crying babies. And crying babies and their mothers are more likely to be abused by already over-stressed caregivers.

How will the funds from your drive night be used? 

To purchase diapers for our donation program.