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Smashville GUIDER Board Mission Statement

The Nashville Predators Organization

In order to create a tangible mechanism for the Nashville Predators, Bridgestone Arena and Ford Ice Centers to effect positive change with the objective of diminishing the prevalence of social injustice in any form, the organization established the Smashville GUIDER board, an acronym that incorporates the following guiding principles: Growth, Understanding, Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Representation. The goal of GUIDER is to utilize the resources, relationships, and reach of the Nashville Predators and its affiliated entities to bring awareness and to implement change in the four areas that are at the core of our organizational existence - our staff, our fans, our sport and our community.

Want to learn more about the GUIDER board or learn how to get involved? Please email us at

In the spring and summer of 2020, a series of events caused the nation to, at the very least, take pause and think about what was happening. For many, making a statement consisting of a few paragraphs wasn't enough. Individuals in the Predators front office were among those who wanted to do something more to make a difference and change the dynamic, starting within their own four walls of Bridgestone Arena.

So, a handful of employees met for lunch and had a discussion. What started as an idea over salads and sandwiches two months ago has turned into an internal board the likes of which the company has never seen. Predators Director of Corporate Sponsorship Robin Lee was one of those at the table for the midday brainstorming session, and she offered a perspective that differs from many in the sport.

Lee knows there aren't many in hockey who look like she does. As a Black woman, it took a bit of time for her to get comfortable when she started working for the Preds in July of 2013. But once she settled in and began to realize the true fabric of the organization, she knew she had found the right spot. That feeling has been reaffirmed on countless occasions over the past few months, especially as she worked with her colleagues to begin this new endeavor.

"I love the fact that our organization is 100 percent behind this," Lee said. "It made me feel good to know that the people who are at the top of our organization are saying, 'lead the way, and we'll figure it out.' So, for me, I could not be prouder of our organization, and I'm so excited to be a part of this."

The initiative is called GUIDER, a board headed up by four Preds employees - including Lee - designed to evaluate the internal programs and practices the organization is currently operating and identify areas of improvement.

In the idea's infancy, the group met virtually with Kim Davis, the NHL's executive vice president of social impact, growth initiatives and legislative affairs. That conversation included a number of enlightening topics, but the name GUIDER started when Davis made a suggestion.

"When we sat down with Kim, she said, 'The first thing I would suggest is do not call it the Diversity Team. If your goal and what you want to accomplish is more than a diversity team, that title limits you. I think you need to look at what you want to accomplish, and then take your name from that.' And so, after that call with Kim Davis, we all sat down and said, 'Well, what do we want to accomplish?'" The answers to that question were plentiful, and soon after, GUIDER was born.

An acronym that represents everything the board believes in, GUIDER stands for growth, understanding, inclusion, diversity, equality and representation. The purpose of the board is to utilize Predators resources, relationships and influences to implement change in the four areas the franchise can affect - its staff, its fans, the Nashville community and the sport of hockey.

"By definition, a guider is to lead and to show the way and that's what we want to do is to be able to be a leader in our community and in our office," Lee said. "If we're talking about how we can affect change in our own building, this group is going to have to lead that process. If we're going to talk about changing our community, we have to lead that process too."

One of those changes could begin in Nashville's front office with the organization's internship program. The Predators have always been fond of hiring graduates of the program for full-time positions whenever possible, but the candidate pool hasn't always been diverse.

"We do not have many minorities in our internship program, not because we've turned them away, but because they maybe, for whatever reason, don't feel like this is of interest to them, that hockey is of interest to them," Lee said. "We want to go after those groups and make sure they know that they can intern with the Preds and with the NHL."

Another of the pillars involves those who attend games at Bridgestone Arena. Lee says the team may set aside a group of tickets to bring people into the building who may not fit the typical profile of a hockey fan and let them experience a game. That then flows back down to the youth hockey level and finding ways for children of different backgrounds and cultures to experience playing the game. That particular change won't happen overnight, but in due time, those boys and girls might just develop a lifelong love for the sport.

When the GUIDER board was introduced internally in the Predators front office, Lee couldn't keep up with all of the emails, texts and phone calls she received from her peers wanting to be involved. Those who were interested came expressing a desire to be a positive force for change, even though it may not be immediately clear exactly what that looks like.

But that's the beauty of an initiative like this - it will grow and evolve over time, just like we do in society. Because statements aren't enough anymore. It's time for action.

"We are so much bigger than 17,000 people in a building watching a game," Lee said. "It's our responsibility to use the influence that we have, the relationships that we have to make sure that we are bettering our organization and our community in a way that everyone can be proud of."

Four Pillars of GUIDER


presented by Bridgestone

Creating Opportunities for Racial Equality (CORE) presented by Bridgestone will introduce the game of hockey to new players ages 4 to 9 at no cost. CORE presented by Bridgestone will provide a unique opportunity for players of all backgrounds to join the hockey community while developing fundamentals skills to help them succeed both on and off the ice.

The goal of the program is to enhance overall player development leading to a successful transition into the Nashville Predators Amateur Hockey Association Youth League. Following the 8-week program, players will be enrolled in the Youth Leagues at the Ford Ice Centers for three seasons at no cost. The Youth League program features three, 9-week seasons (Fall, Winter, and Spring) with two ice touches a week.

Learn More

Celebration Spotlight

Celebration Spotlight was created to highlight businesses owned and operated by those of diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to celebrate friends, neighbors and families throughout Middle Tennessee and use the Nashville Predators platform to share their story!

Preds Celebrate Black History Month

Predators to Honor Local Organizations, Celebrate Impact of Black Athletes, Artists in Hockey and Community

Celebrating Gender Equality Month

Recognizing the heroes, leaders and role models who make Nashville Predators hockey happen every day.

Nashville Predators PRIDE Night

The Nashville Predators in partnership with the Nashville LGBT Chamber and Nashville Pride will host the Seventh Annual Predators Pride Night presented by SmileDirectClub during the game on April 12 at 7 p.m. against the San Jose Sharks. The Nashville LGBT Chamber will host a Pride Plaza Party event on the Bridgestone Arena Main Plaza prior to the game featuring Chamber member businesses, Dell Technologies, The Big Drag Bus, LaMarvelous Balloons, Nashville Pride and more.

The night will feature a national anthem performance by LGBTQ+ choir Nashville In Harmony with Ford Band Stage performances by Shelly Fairchild during both intermissions. Predators players will also use special rainbow pride tape on their sticks during warmups showing that Hockey is for Everyone. LGBTQ+ police, fire, and military highlights will also occur during the game. LGBTQ+ community members will be featured throughout the night, including the Mayor of Smashville, Fan Captain, Hunt Brothers Fan of the Game, Rally Towel Waver and Zamboni riders.

Player-signed pride jerseys and hockey sticks with rainbow tape will be auctioned off online (text Preds to 76278) and can be viewed in person at the Preds Foundation area outside of sections 106-107 at Bridgestone Arena. The Foundation Auction will go live on the morning of Monday, April 11. Proceeds from the jerseys and sticks will benefit the Oasis Center's Just Us program and the Nashville LGBT Chamber Foundation.

Fans can click the button below to purchase a Pride Night ticket package, which includes a limited-edition Pride Night t-shirt.

Preds Girls Hockey

The Nashville Predators are committed to the growth of girl's hockey at the grassroots level

Preds Girls Hockey is a brand of all things related to female hockey programming. The Predators offer free memberships where each person receives Preds Girls Hockey branded hair bands, a welcome card and invitations to Preds Girls Hockey only events. This is open to current female hockey player or any female who may be interested in playing hockey.

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Voter Registration & Participation

Predators Form Partnership for Your Vote Matters Voter Registration Campaign

The Nashville Predators organization and Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett and his office partnered to host a Voter Registration event at Bridgestone Arena during the game against the Ottawa Senators on March 29, 2022.

The Nashville Predators and Secretary Hargett will continue working together through the Your Vote Matters program to increase voter registration and civic engagement during the 2022 election. Preds fans and all Tennesseans can easily register to vote, update their address or check on their voter registration online at or the GoVoteTN app

Best Buddies


Kulture City Sensory Certified

The Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena have partnered with KultureCity to make all events in Smashville sensory inclusive. The certification process entailed the staff at the Bridgestone Arena being trained by leading medical professionals on how to recognize guests with sensory needs and how to handle a sensory overload situation. Sensory sensitivities or challenges with sensory regulation are often experienced by individuals with autism, dementia, PTSD and other similar conditions. KultureCity is a leading non-profit recognized nationwide for using their resources to revolutionize and effect change in the community for those with sensory needs; not just those with Autism. Sensory bags, equipped with noise-canceling headphones, fidget tools, verbal cue cards and weighted lap pads are available to all guests at the arena who may feel overwhelmed by the environment.

Pictured from left to right: Jamie Isabel, President, Dalmatian Creative Agency, Inc., Dr. Glenda Glover, President, TSU, Sean Henry, Nashville Predators President and CEO

Partnering with Tennessee State University

Historic, First-of-its-Kind Fundraising Goal Combines TSU's Passion for Education with Best Fans in Sports During Black History Month

In January 2020, The Nashville Predators announced a long-term partnership with Tennessee State University beginning with the launch of the "$1 Million in 1 Month" campaign. Money raised from the campaign will go directly to a scholarship fund benefiting Tennessee State University students in a city-wide effort to help local scholars remain in school and pursue collegiate degrees.

In a commitment to helping foster the education of many Tennessee State students, the Predators organization made the first donation to the campaign, as well as an additional $100,000 of in-kind assets to help spread awareness to the initiative. 

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Blueline Buddies

Former Predators Defenseman P.K. Subban in partnership with the Nashville Predators Foundation started the Blueline Buddies program in 2017. Subban, who says one of his best friends is a police officer, believes youth and law enforcement building a rapport with one another is vital, and that's exactly what he's aiming to accomplish with the program. The program brings together a member of the Metro Nashville Police Department with a mentor or representative from a local organization and an underprivileged youth during every Nashville Predators home game. Guests are treated to game tickets, dinner and a meet and greet after the game.

AMEND Together

AMEND Together is an initiative dedicated to ending violence against women & girls by engaging men & boys to be a part of the solution

Smashville Pre-game Greeter Program

The Nashville Predators launched the Pregame Greeter program in 2016 in an effort to provide individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities with a rewarding employment experience. Since the program started in 2016, we have partnered with Goodwill Industries, Best Buddies, Gigi's Playhouse and other not-for-profit agencies to provide numerous jobs to individuals within their networks. We continue to grow the program through these partnerships today, and our Greeters look forward to welcoming Bridgestone Arena's patrons back in the future!