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'Simpsons' continues hockey run by poking fun at Senators

Character Lisa was assigned Ottawa by member of mounted police in most recent episode

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

The Ottawa Senators know how to take a joke.

The Senators were on the receiving end of a barb during an the episode from the long-running TV sitcom "The Simpsons" on Sunday. 

In the episode, titled "D'oh Canada," Lisa Simpson ends up in a Canadian hospital.

A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police informs Lisa she will have to stay in Canada for a while and that she will be assigned her own hockey team.

Simpsons poke fun at Senators

As a joke, Lisa crosses her fingers and says "Please not Ottawa" twice, but the mountie takes out a Senators hat and plants it on Lisa's head while apologizing.

The Senators showed some good humor about the dig, posting a popular Simpsons GIF on Twitter.

Tweet from @Senators: .@TheSimpsons

The GIF features Homer Simpson backing into some bushes, popularly used to express embarrassment.

The Senators added the hat that was put on Lisa to their Homer GIF, because, why not.

It is hardly the first hockey reference on the longest running scripted show in television history.

Last season, 'Simpsons' executive and Los Angeles Kings fan Mike Scully told that he gets hockey references in the show wherever he can. 

"As a hockey fan any chance I get to sneak a hockey reference in there, I take it," Scully said after a still shot of an episode featuring the Stanley Cup in Las Vegas made the social media rounds.

More recently, back in March, the show had an esports team named the "Calgary Lames," a reference to the favorite NHL team of Joel Cohen, the episode's co-executive producer.


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