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Subban gives out his cell number and is ready to chat

Devils defenseman answers texts from fans

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

If you are not doing anything and want to have a quick chat with a Norris Trophy winner and NHL all-star, P.K. Subban's line is open.

The New Jersey Devils defenseman posted his cell phone number on his social media bios and encouraged anyone who felt so inclined to text him.

At least a few people have had text conversations with the veteran of 10 NHL seasons.

Instagram from @subbanator: +1 (647) 696-7699 text me! Get in the mix🤙🏿 #NotaHoax

Subban posted earlier that he liked the texts he has been getting since sharing his number and he hopes young players and fans "keep 'em coming!!"

Sure, there were skeptics, but Subban is as serious about this as he is about his offseason workout regimen, which is pretty serious.

Instagram from @subbanator: Commit, invest, repeat.☝🏿

Instagram from @subbanator: What up tho...😈🤙🏿

Subban has always made the extra effort to connect with fans, but this takes it a step farther.

Normal text messaging rates apply, we assume.

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