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Bike Guy, NHL Scouting Combine sensation, will motivate you to do things

After inspiring next wave of hockey stars, Jordan Marwin helps out some fans @NHLdotcom

Bike Guy is taking requests.

After video of his motivational yelling at prospects during their bike workouts at the NHL Scouting Combine caused a stir on social media, Jordan Marwin, also known as #BikeGuy, customized a few videos for some self-admitted slackers who needed a little help.

If you are not familiar with Marwin, he is the mixed martial arts fighter-turned combine staffer with a penchant for enthusiastic catchphrases delivered at a volume that would make most arena sound systems blush. All while the NHL's future stars are pedaling an exercise bike.

Tweet from @NHLAdamK: Here's what #bikeguy AKA @jsmarwin sounds like. I suggest headphones at low volume.

The Vegas Golden Knights website scored an interview with Marwin, who said he tries to motivate the way he likes to be motivated.

"I think about what I would want to motivate me during the tests," Marwin told the team's website. "A lot of these kids I don't think they're used to pushing themselves hard off of the ice. So I kind of look to boost their energy, boost their morale and give them a little of my energy during the test."

"You know that he's there," David Forrance, one of the prospects at the combine, said. "You definitely hear him. I actually kind of like it. It gets me focused and ready to go, so I don't mind it."

And what works for hockey prospects can work for hockey fans.

One Twitter user suggested Marwin would be helpful in getting her to do her chores.

Tweet from @lowlz2913: I want that guy to yell at me to do my chores

Bike Guy abided.

Tweet from @GoldenKnights: LRT: Lauren said she wishes #bikeguy was telling her to do her chores. He was listening.

Need some encouragement to pick up the books and study for finals?

Tweet from @emiIysowa: can bike guy come motivate me to study for exams or

Bike Guy has you covered.

Tweet from @GoldenKnights: LRT"Get the highlighter out."As happy as #bikeguy is that Lauren's doing her chores, he'd be even happier if Emily studied for her exams

With the NHL Scouting Combine now concluded, we don't know where we will see Marwin again, but we know in the meantime, wherever he is, he will be making the world just a little less lazy.

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