Josh Segarra Big Door Prize

In's Q&A feature called "Sitting Down with …" we talk to key figures in the game, gaining insight into their lives on and off the ice. In this edition, we feature actor Josh Segarra, who plays a retired New York Rangers goalie on the Apple TV show “The Big Door Prize.”

Actor Josh Segarra stars as Giorgio – a former New York Rangers goalie that now owns an Italian restaurant – in Apple TV’s “The Big Door Prize.” Season 2 of the show premieres April 24. sat down with Segarra to talk about Giorgio’s Rangers fandom, the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the new season of the show.

Are there any specific former or current Rangers players that you've been inspired by in terms of creating the character of Giorgio?

“Former, it's Jaromir Jagr. I love Jagr. He's still playing. Like that alone is what makes him amazing. There’s the determination and there's something about Jagr that's always inspired me. There's a lot about him that's always inspired me, but like, we obviously know who the greats are. And he's that type of great. He was a presence on the ice and he made sure that he was protecting his goats and I love that about him. He was making sure to protect everybody on his team. So Jagr for sure.

"The King [Henrik Lundqvist] has always been an inspiration to me. Whenever I see him at The Garden, that's been incredible, man. You know, just kind of seeing him with his perfect hair. Just seeing him with that million-dollar smile. I like to think Giorgio's a little inspired.

"There's a lot of them that are inspiring it, but to me it was Jagr. Just a hustler, 1,000 squats a day, taking care of those around you and never giving up, never giving up.”

How do you think Giorgio has been reacting to the Rangers season so far with the team clinching the Presidents’ Trophy and getting ready for its playoff run?

“You know, I hadn't thought about this. So good question. I'm now picturing Giorgio at The Garden. Like on the ice, on the glass. Just like slapping the glass and just feeling like he's part of the team because he is, you know, like those are his boys out there.

"He would be hyped. I'm hyped. I think me and Giorgio are reacting the same way, just pounding on the glass. He's asking to get on the ice. You know, he's putting skates back on. He's getting his gear back on. He’s hyped. As all of New York is man. You know what it feels like when The Garden is rocking, the whole city feels it.”

With season 2 coming up for you guys, any chance Giorgio tries to make a comeback to hockey or somehow gets back involved with hockey after his injury?

“I won't spoil anything, but you see Giorgio's hockey background come into play. Maybe on the ice, but maybe in other athletic ventures that he will take up this season and I'm hoping to bring a little bit of hockey into this.”

So let's dive into Stanley Cup playoff picks. Assuming Giorgio's pick is going to be the Rangers, what are you personally looking forward to in these upcoming playoffs and what are some of your predictions?

“I'm not making any bold predictions other than the Rangers are taking it all because that's the one I believe. I'll leave the others to the pros.

"We've had a great young team and we've made fantastic pickups and I love what [Peter Laviolette] has done to the team this year. It's so fun to see the effect he's had on the squad. I feel like I see whenever I go to games, I feel like they're so tight, the fellas. And I feel like you can just see the camaraderie on the ice and I love thinking about that side of the sport.

"Like, what I do is this thing that people see a final product. But of course, what makes that final product is everything that's happening in the darkness. So with this team this year, I'm picturing everything that's happening in the locker room, and it's just been fun, man.

"I'm loving this season. Rangers all the way, baby. Metropolitan Division, Presidents' Trophy, and now let's go get a Stanley Cup. Let's go.”

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