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Jason Spezza's new burger is top three life moment

Stars forward fired up to have dish named for him

by Pat Pickens @Pat_Pickens / Staff Writer

Dallas Stars forward Jason Spezza is a husband and father, and has scored more than 300 goals in the NHL. He can add having his own burger to his list of accomplishments now.

The American Airlines Center unveiled the Spezza Like Pizza Burger, a mozzarella cheeseburger on a parmesan-dusted, oregano-infused ciabatta bun topped with pancetta, tomato-basil sauce and roasted-garlic aioli, served with a side of parmesan-garlic fries.

Tweet from @DallasStars: "Definitely top three moments in my life."

"Definitely a top three moment in my life," Spezza said of having a burger named for him. "It's a take on the whole pizza; Italian type of deal."

Spezza teamed with Levy Restaurants senior executive chef Mark Mabry to create the burgers, which will be available at Stars and Dallas Mavericks home games through Nov. 5.

"He thought it'd be fun to do a pizza burger," Mabry said. "He and I got together in a suite one night, and I had him give me ideas and I put my spin on it."

Tweet from @AACenter: Introducing the #SpezzaBurger, inspired by @JSpezza90! Available at all games through October at Grill Zone stands 106, 114, 118.

Spezza is the third Dallas Stars player with a burger named for him in the past two seasons. Stars defenseman John Klingberg's Klingburger and the Segs and Bacon burger, named for forward Tyler Seguin, were available last season.

"[Klingberg] says his is the best by far," Spezza said. "We're hoping we surpass sales and move to the top of the hierarchy of burgers for the Dallas Stars."

The AAC alternates months between Stars- and Mavericks-themed burgers, and guard Deron Williams' sandwich will be the next one for sale in November. When asked which Stars player is next for a burger after Spezza, Mabry played coy.

"December is in the works," he said. "But it's under wraps."

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