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Vancouver fans help out with anthems

Crowd at Rogers Arena fills in after singer's microphone cuts out @NHL

Canucks fans assist anthem singer

Canucks fans pick up anthem singer when mic fails

Vancouver Canucks fans help out the anthem singer after the mic fails inside the arena

  • 02:12 •

Fans at Rogers Arena gave singer Jim Byrnes some help Tuesday.

Byrnes was singing the "The Star Spangled Banner" prior to the Vancouver Canucks' game against the St. Louis Blues, as is customary before all NHL games involving teams from the United States and Canada, when his microphone cut out near the end of the song.

After a few awkward seconds of silence, the 17,568 fans in attendance more than made up for the non-working microphone by finishing the song. The full-throated crowd then took the initiative and sang "O Canada" as well.

The Canucks won the game 2-1 in overtime.

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