walker cake alexandrov

What do you get for your friend when you accidentally knock his tooth out?

Something to eat, of course.

St. Louis Blues forward Nathan Walker wanted to make amends with teammate Nikita Alexandrov after an accident during Wednesday's game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Walker was trying to collect a puck after the whistle and tried to flip the puck up to himself. The puck had other ideas, it seems.

As Walker flipped the puck up it took off, making a beeline for oncoming skater Alexandrov and hitting him right in the mouth.

Alexandrov had a pretty sizable fat lip and a missing tooth to show for it. Thankfully, the tooth was collected and is back in line with the rest of the gang.

But Walker felt the need to apologize and bring in a gift for his buddy. The veteran forward had the words "Sorry I hit you in the mouth" written across the icing.

And cake is never a bad apology in our book.