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Tweets of the Game: Swept Away in the Storm

The LA Kings couldn't weather the storm as they ended their road trip against the Carolina Hurricanes

by LA Kings @LAKings /

Last stop of the trip: Carolina.

Tweet from @DontLookItsRyan: I���m here!! #GoKingsGo #TakeWarning

Tweet from @AugieRunGood: When you want your #LAKings to win against the #Canes but you also really dig the celebrations by those #BunchOfJerks! #GoKingsGo #NHL #LAKvsCAR

Tweet from @RobinR_84: #GOKINGSGO LETS BEAT THE BUNCH OF ���JERKS!��� 😂

Tweet from @willietime22: Lets get it done tonight Boys! 🏒🥅 #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @a_clown_prince: Oh spit, did not realize there is another #LAKings game today!#GoKingsGo

We also live by this method.

Tweet from @Loyal2TheCrown: I also live by Brodzinski method and tell myself fitness is not an issue for me. And it's usually right after I eat a sleeve of oreos. #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @kayaubrianna: The @LAKings gave up the first goal, but look at this GIF. It's very cute.

Is today yesterday?

Tweet from @VictimEnt_Ivan: This is like Groundhog Day. The same thing happened last night.

Tweet from @GallagherMW: It's seriously insane how many breakaway shots Tofoli has had that have clanged off the post or crossbar. Gotta be at least a dozen this season. Still love the effort from @tytoff16. #LAKings #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: This Hurricane is hitting the @LAKings hard! 😐😐😐 #gokingsgo

Sorry, Tay 😕

Tweet from @taylorcray32: Getting these @LAKings notifications in class is really making this lecture that much worse...

Tweet from @SaltyMofoBeach: Wanna turn this off, but I feel like I should see it through to the bitter end. Also, Canes fans are so much nicer than TB fans. #GoKingsGo #LAKvsCAR

Tweet from @damedsz: How does it feel to confront a force of nature? @LAKings

Tanking time: is that like the opposite of Tebow time?

Tweet from @timdperez: It���s tanking time bby @LAKings

Tweet from @ZachtheKingsfan: Well at least we���ll see a fun Storm Surge tonight @LAKings...

Tweet from @RuthieElz: so in the past two games(including this one) the @LAKings were struck by lightning and now they're in the middle of a hurricane...

Tweet from @thekevinryder: IS IT OCTOBER YET??? @LAKings @kevinandbean #nhl @lakingsinsider

6 goals in 10 minutes? Seems reasonable.

Tweet from @mctclover: Let's do this @LAKings. 6 goals. Chop chop. #GoKingsGo

Well, there's one. Thanks to Dustin Brown.

Video: LAK@CAR: Brown beats Mrazek in the 3rd

Tweet from @LAKingsForWomen: THIS IS WHY I LOVE MY BROWNIE! #GoKingsGo #captain

Tweet from @mssporty39: Nice goal annnnd no shutout,wooooo @LAKings #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @soyyaboi: Great score, only 5 more to go @LAKings #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @AugieRunGood: At least that part of this nightmare of a game is gone.... #LAKings get on the board. Bye Bye Shutout! #GoKingsGo

The Kings will return home for a four-game home stand, starting with the Dallas Stars. 
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