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Tweets of the Game: Make that 50 Shutouts for Jonathan Quick

A game of incredible saves by the amazing Jonathan Quick marked his 50th shutout and an LA Kings win

by LA Kings @LAKings /

Baby it's cold inside.

Tweet from @deedeedott: It���s snowing here tonight. @lakings #gokingsgo

It throws us off, too.

Tweet from @kevin_charity: LA Kings playing 7:30pm games on a Sunday night is so weird to me.

Tweet from @ima_swallow: @LAKings very nice memoriam for President Bush. Well done, could have heard a pin drop

Drew Doughty and the rest of the LA Kings are playing to get a win for Jonathan Quick tonight. 

Tweet from @edna94: @LAKings all fans rooting for team and Quicks first win of the season #GokingsGo #LAKings

Tweet from @TrasiStarr: This guy really wants to win tonight! @LAKings #weareallkings

Everybody bobble!

Tweet from @HalfpintCarrie: Hi @dewyy8 @LAKings @LAKingsPR #GoKingsGo

Quick: The Super Hero.

Tweet from @monjaury: Jonathan Quick for President 2020 #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @starblade125: JONATHAN QUICK IS A WALL. #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @SuperStarzic4: Give Quick my entire lower body so he stays healthy I'm not using it anyways @LAKings

Tweet from @FournierBeau42: Quick is elastic man, he is ridiculous

Tweet from @jimmyboyt: Some vintage Quick tonight!!!@LAKings #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @JustinGanz11: Holy Cow Jonathan Quick has put on a show tonight for the fans at Staples tonight!

Oh, but he is Joey.

Tweet from @sipofweinberg: Jonathan Quick is not human

Tweet from @go_kings_go25: A careers worth of highlight reel saves on that penalty kill by @JonathanQuick32. Unbelievable! #GoKingsGo @LAKings

Tweet from @TyToff73: The #LaKings successfully killed a 5-3 penalty. Jonathan Quick making unreal saves this whole game, keeping them in yet again. Need some goal scorers to shine now. Let���s go! #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @AlKikuchi: If the #lakings don���t win this game for Quick- I���m gonna cry!! #gokingsgo

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...

Tweet from @_ErickOrellana: Just copped this adorable ornament and this Jaret Anderson-Dolan signed puck at the game tonight #GOKINGSGO #LAKings

Tweet from @kimberlyrgreen: Dare I say that PK was good? #LAKings

Alec CLUTCH Martinez!

Tweet from @MayaCastillo23: Alec Martinez continues to prove that he���s the one to come in clutch on the Kings

The Kings will be back at it tomorrow at STAPLES Center!

They face off against the Arizona Coyotes at 7:30pm. Get tickets!

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