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Full Coverage of a Fun-Filled NHL All-Star Weekend

Drew Doughty took on San Jose for the 2019 NHL All-Star Weekend, and we covered every step of the way!

by LA Kings @LAKings /

The NHL All-Star Weekend was a blast! The @LAKings took on San Jose and tried to keep up with Drew Doughty... and keep track of our snap specs

Relive the most memorable moments or best headshots from Doughty's previous All-Star appearances. 

Watch: Youtube Video

Saturday, January 26

  • NHL All-Star Game
    • Unfortunately, the Pacific Division fell to the Central Division, but the game was fun for everyone involved.
      • Lauren Jauregui and country music star Chad Brownlee performed the U.S. and Canadian National Anthems, respectively. Plus, the Stanford Band gave a special performance during the game before GRAMMY Award-winning artist Bebe Rexha will take to the stage in the second intermission. 
      • This year's jerseys were not only sharp, but they're saving the oceans as well.

Tweet from @LAKings: The Pacific Division in this game. #NHLAllStar

Tweet from @LAKings: The LA star is hitting the ice for the #NHLAllStar game ������TUNE IN:

Tweet from @LAKings: Looking for back-to-back wins for Team Pacific 🌟 #NHLAllStar

Tweet from @NHLPA: Ready for it. #NHLAllStar

Doughty's strategy? "I'm going to give [McDavid] the puck and get a few easy apples."

Bust most of all, "try to make some money and play for pride."

Checks out.

Tweet from @LAKings: Bailey and friends ������ #NHLAllStar

Friday, January 25

Video: Doughty on All-Star experience, Skills Competition

Video: Accuracy Shooting: Doughty nails the targets

Doughty participated in the accuracy shooting contest, not the passing challenge like the past two years, thankfully.

He was all smiles and redeemed himself with a third place finish. Although, there were still some boos and hard feelings coming from the crowd. 

Tweet from @LAKings: When you hear all the boos coming from the fans in San Jose 😆#NHLAllStar

Tweet from @LAKings: Didn't have to take what @dewyy8 said during last year's #NHLAllStar so personally, @AM34.

Tweet from @LAKings: ���I love playing the villain out here. Those boos just encourage me and make me want to do it better.��� - Drew Doughty on the All-Star being hosted in San Jose

Tweet from @LAKings: .@BaileyLAKings, you are so loved out here in San Jose 🔈😂#NHLAllStar

"Last year I had fun, but it was embarassing," Doughty said, referring to the the passing challenge he competed in.

This year, was different, though. "I was nervous, but I was happy with myself," he said. "I wanted to win it, give back to the crowd."

Tweet from @LAKings: Reporter: ���Think you���ll do better than last year���s #NHLAllStar Skills Competition?���Drew Doughty:

Tweet from @LAKings: ���I love playing here, even though the fans boo me a lot. I embrace it, I love it.��� - @dewyy8 on playing in San Jose #NHLAllStar


Tweet from @LAKings: Autographs are key during #NHLAllStar

Tweet from @LAKings: Get a selfie with Drew Doughty ������ #NHLAllStar

Tweet from @LAKings: Question: Who tells the worst dad jokes on the LA Kings?Doughty: Alec Martinez, and he���s going to get mad that I said that.Is this true, @amartinez_27? 😂

Doughty landed in San Jose and is ready to rock and roll. Us on the other hand, we've doubled up our resources (aka snap specs) to ensure we're fully prepared. 

Tweet from @LAKings: Don���t worry, we came prepared this year.@dewyy8, please do your best to not lose all three pairs.#NHLAllStar

Bobblehead selfies are the best kind of selfies. 

Tweet from @LAKings: Just a lovely a day exploring San Jose with @dewyy8 🤩 #NHLAllStar

Bailey will be joining Doughty on the ice for the All-Star Skills Competition!

Maybe he'll bring the defenseman some luck in the accuracy challenge! He'll be up against stiff competition like Joe Pavelski, Nikita Kucherov, Kris Letang, Auston Matthews, Kyle Palmieri, David Pastrnak and Blake Wheeler.

Tweet from @BaileyLAKings: I am in the hardest fast do you think I will shoot?

He's been a busy Lion... even finding time to sign autographs and meet the other mascots!

Tweet from @BaileyLAKings: #NHLALLSTAR

Doughty is known to be a character off the ice, so we asked his NHL opponents about their conversations on the ice.

The results were pure gold.

Watch: Youtube Video

Thursday, January 24

Tweet from @LAKings: Do we dare trust @dewyy8 with the @Snap Specs after last year's #NHLAllStar mishap?🕶

    We're not wasting any time checking out the sights of San Jose.
    First stop: Plaza de César Chávez.

    We may be not be in Los Angeles, but there's no shortage of Kings fans here!

    Tweet from @LAKings: ���Stay hungry. Stay foolish.��� #NHLAllStar | #HiTechHockey

    We took the Drew Doughty Country Bobblehead to media day, where he was rated by some top-ranked critics. The reviews are in...

    "I think the bobblehead looks a lot better looking than he does." - Ryan O'Reilly

    "I love it. Hopefully he'll wear the hat tomorrow on the red carpet." - David Pastrnak

    Tweet from @LAKings: The @dewyy8 country bobblehead made it out to the #NHLAllStar weekend and the reviews are in...#HiTechHockey

    Video: 2019 NHL All-Star Game rosters announced

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