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Is Drew Doughty the Best Chirper in the League?

He's known to be a character off the ice, so we asked his NHL opponents about their conversations on the ice

by Robyn Dutton @LAKings /

Drew Doughty: All-Star defenseman, two-time Stanley Cup Champion... and master of chirping.

"I think I annoy a lot of guys around the league," Doughty admits with a smile.

So, we dug deeper into the matter to find out if it was true.

Check out the top five responses:

5. "He did a good one to our vets the last time we played LA. Probably not something you want to put on TV." - Blake Wheeler, Winnipeg Jets

Wheeler leaving something to the imagination...

4. "He likes to do the animal call that I had going, so it's nice to hear someone else [do it]"Brent Burns, San Jose Sharks

We're going to need to get audio of this.

3. "He gives some of my guys a hard time once in a awhile. Monahan's got this huge knob on is stick and he always gives him a hard time since it's a goalie knob. So, I always laugh when he says that to [Monahan] and now I start chirping [him] about it too" - Calgary Flames, Johnny Gaudreau

Chirping so good, even the opposing team gets in on it. 

2. "He likes to talk on the ice. Last All-Star game I told him he should sign in Toronto… and he seemed pretty adamant that he was going to think about it... but he really wasn't." - Auston Matthews, Toronto Maple Leafs

At least he was honest.

1. "He's missing two teeth, so I never understand his English." - David Pastrnak, Boston Bruins

English isn't Pastrnak's first language and even he claims to know it better than Doughty. 

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