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Drew Doughty's Top 5 NHL All-Star Headshots

After five NHL All-Star appearances, we are ranking the best of Drew Doughty's headshot photoshoots

by LA Kings @LAKings /

Five NHL All-Star appearances, five incredible photoshoots for Drew Doughty.

Much like the pictures taken after being drafted, the players selected to the All-Star Game have to take part in one of the most awkward photoshoots.

Why are they sometimes in full pads? 

Why do they need their gloves and sticks?

Are they wearing full gear on the bottom, too? Or is it business on top and party on the bottom? 


...but since those probably won't be getting answered, we've resorted to just ranking our favorite Doughty headshot pictures from his last five All-Star appearances.

Check Out Doughty's Best 5 All-Star Headshots:

5) Stone-Cold Serious

You didn't even need to leave your city, Drew.
Let's see that hockey smile.

4) There's That Hockey Smile

"Hi, my name is Drew. I love my dogs, long walks on the beach and "The Bachelorette."

3) Straight Cheesin'

Vote Doughty for Class President.

2) The Over-the-Shoulder Classic

"Oh, I didn't see you there." - Doughty, probably

1) The Baby Face is Real


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