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FTBK: The Science of Jeff Carter's Skating

Get an inside look at why Jeff Carter is one of the best skaters in the NHL

by Chandler Parr @chandlerparrfit /

Hey FTBK Team!

It's no secret that our LA Kings have some of the best skaters in the league, with one of those being #77 Jeff Carter. So today, we're diving into skating efficiency. 

When it comes to skating, it's the foundation the game.

Video: Matt Price on the science of Jeff Carter's skating

As Matt Price mentioned, players can travel more than 8 miles in one game, which means they have to know how to utilize their lower body to create the most efficient transfer of energy onto the ice. In order to build this strength and agility, our players focus on lower body explosive training.

If you want to train like a King and improve your skating focus on lower body workouts that focus on not only strength building, but also on mobility. You want to work on better hip abduction, better stability and better side to side strength.

Here are three exercises to incorporate into your next workout if you want to boost your speed on the ice:

  • Goblet Squat
  • Rear foot elevated split lunge
  • Fire Hydrants
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