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Black and White: Alex Iafallo

How Julianna and Alex Iafallo's close sibling bond helped them both grow up to be professional hockey players

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This episode of Black and White takes us to Eden, New York, where Julianna (Juls) and Alex Iafallo grew up in a small town outside of Buffalo.

The kids were destined to play hockey; considering their mom was a big Sergei Fedorov fan who insisted on watching a Red Wings game as she was prepping to give birth to Alex. 

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Juls and Alex's dad, Tom Iafallo, even built a rink in their backyard, which served as a fond place to sharpen their skills and have fun.

"Flipping the lights on at night, going down with friends, having a great time," Alex recalled about spending time at the rink. 

"Having my dad, Alex and myself playing hockey, means it never ended at the rink," Juls said. "We had hockey... that helped us bond."

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Their mom, on the other hand, might not have been on the ice with them, but Juls admits she filled almost every other role.

"She drove us everywhere, she made all the meals. That's something as a kid, you don't really thank, but she did so much for us," Alex agreed.

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Although the two siblings were already close in age, having hockey helped them bond even more.

"We did a lot of pond skill work and a lot of workouts together," Alex said. "When you see your younger sister working harder than you, you want to turn it up a notch and having her really helped me do that."

With both siblings in the midst of budding hockey careers, it's safe to say they both helped each other become their best. 

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