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Auston Matthews Gifts Drew Doughty Beautiful Piece of Artwork

The broken target from the All-Star Accuracy Shooting Competition will be a main feature on display in the LA Kings defenseman's home

by Robyn Dutton @LAKings /

Drew Doughty gained back his confidence as he placed third in the Accuracy Shooting Skills Competition on Friday.

But with everything in life, you win some, you lose some. And this Skills Competition, he lost his head. 

Video: Accuracy Shooting: Doughty nails the targets

Auston Matthews struck g̶o̶l̶d̶ glass when his turn came, and he nailed Doughty's target so hard that it fell off the net completely. 

"I saw that," Doughty said. "I wonder if I could get my hands on that thing and bring it home."

Tweet from @LAKings: Didn't have to take what @dewyy8 said during last year's #NHLAllStar so personally, @AM34.

Tweet from @alexxshortty: Auston Matthews broke off Drew Doughty���s face target. So I think he automatically wins this event.

Tweet from @LegendOfVinnyT: Auston Matthews wore a Patrick Marleau jersey and broke the Drew Doughty target. He���ll never buy a beer in the Bay Area again.

Tweet from @scintillaient: LOLOLOLOL Matthews knocked over the Doughty target #NHLAllStar

We're unclear if Matthews was harboring some hard feelings or it was just an unlucky break (pun intended).

"Maybe he's mad at me since I didn't go to Toronto," Doughty guessed. 

Either way, Doughty's the real winner, since the beautiful piece of art will forever be displayed in his home.

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