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Bubolz Goes 1-on-1 With Yahoo! Sports

Golden Knights president Kerry Bubolz recently updated the status of the team's business initiatives

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

There's a saying about icebergs.

The way it goes is that what you see on the surface only equates for 10 percent of the iceberg. The remaining 90 percent lies buried beneath the ocean, out of sight, out of mind. This often results in observers underestimating the size of what the iceberg is.

Throughout the 2016-17 season, the Vegas Golden Knights are kind of like an iceberg.

There's been a lot of headlines about the city's first major league pro sports franchise. They have ranged from it receiving its name and logo, the opening of T-Mobile Arena and the hiring of George McPhee as general manager.

But, like an iceberg, this visible portion of what the Golden Knights have been up to is only a fraction of the many items that have to be checked off before Opening Night this fall.

On the business side, team president Kerry Bubolz is leading the charge.

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Previously the president of business operations for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Bubolz joined the Golden Knights on a full-time basis last November.

"You know what, just with the amount of work that we have to do to get ready for next October, it's almost like going to the NBA Finals again just in terms of the amount of time and effort and energy," Bubolz recently told Yahoo! Sports' Josh Cooper.

"It has been a ton of fun - we've been on the ground full time since November 1 and so you got all the work related and transitional elements that you're going through."

Last weekend, Bubolz and members of the team's front office attended NHL All-Star Weekend at Staples Center.


Tweet from @GoldenKnights: #BoldInGoldContest winners, Golden Knights staff have arrived at #NHLAllStar. Puck drops on NBC in just over 10 minutes. #BoldInGold


While in Los Angeles, the Golden Knights staff got to fully immerse itself into one of the league's largest events of the year. Part of this for Bubolz included speaking with Yahoo! in more detail about the tasks the team is currently tackling.

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Or as you might say in iceberg terms, Bubolz and Yahoo! spoke about that other 90 percent of team business that has largely been occurring beneath the surface, out of the public eye.

Among the topics Bubolz discussed were:

*His working relationship with team owner Bill Foley
*The possibility of the Raiders relocating to Las Vegas.
*His transition from the NBA to NHL
*Lessons he learned with the Cavaliers that are transferable to Vegas.

To read the full Yahoo! interview, CLICK HERE

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