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Bryce Harper Proud To Support Golden Knights

The Vegas native sported team apparel in a video shoot with the team on Saturday

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

Ever since his days as a phenom at Las Vegas High School, Bryce Harper has been the face of sports in Las Vegas.

Whether it was his freakish power or ability to violently swing the bat, yet move about the baseball diamond with elegant ease, he'd been pegged for Major League Baseball superstardom long before he ever wore a Washington Nationals uniform.

Before he was a National treasure, Harper was just Bryce, the kid from Las Vegas.

The fact that Harper still very much remains Bryce, the kid from Las Vegas, even after ascending to the top of the national sporting scene continues to endear him to locals, who see him as one of their own.

Although still just 24 years of age, Harper's already done almost it all, including lifting the profile of Las Vegas athletics to a new level.

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His accomplishment include:

*Rookie of the Year, and youngest position player All-Star in Major League Baseball history.
*Silver Slugger Award.
*National League MVP, and one of the posterboys for modern baseball.


Tweet from @GoldenKnights: Things to know about @Bharper3407.*He shoots left-handed.*He roots for the Golden Knights. #BoldInGold


But while Harper has done almost everything in sports, the one thing he was never able to do support a major league franchise from his hometown.

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That is, until Saturday.

"I'm so excited to be able to root for a team that's in my hometown," Harper said at T-Mobile Arena, where he was participating in a special photo shoot with the Golden Knights.

"When we were able to get the Golden Knights into Vegas, my first thought was 'I can't wait.' To be able to support a team from the Las Vegas area. What a better place to have a hockey team. Just a great city."


Tweet from @GoldenKnights: We're proud to be a Vegas team for Vegas locals. #BoldInGold


When "we" were able to get the Golden Knights was how Harper worded it, if you're keeping score at home.

As Harper detailed, there are a few reasons why he's so excited to support the Golden Knights.

First off was the team's meaning to the city. He described his days as a young sports fan in this town, lamenting how neither he nor his friends could ever go see major league sports or have a team nearby to support.

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Harper also detailed how our team's unique identity is especially appealing to him.

This is especially apparent given Harper's affinity for all things black and gold. Whether it be his shoes, batting gloves or even an addition to his automobile collection that just so happens to match our team's colors, Harper has been #BoldInGold long before that we even a thing around here.


Tweet from @GoldenKnights: It might be a few more months until we start playing. But we felt like @Bharper3407 deserved some early Golden Knights swag. #BoldInGold


"It's (team logo) mean looking," Harper said. "That's something that goes along with the working class of Vegas. We're a blue collar city that works hard for what we have. I think that's going to expand over to guys working hard every day for this city and this town. What a better logo. It's pretty awesome to see it, and I'm excited to be wearing it on my chest.

"To be able to have a major league team in town, I think everybody is super excited. I mean, everybody that I've talked to is excited to be able to start rooting for a team, to be able to go to a professional game and watch professional athletes play."


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