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Behind The Vegas Ice Episode 2 Recap

The episode provides exclusive access into the day the Golden Knights team name was unveiled.

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

Other NHL teams have more history.

But no other organizations in NHL history have ever been able to capture all of the team's most important formative moments on camera quite like the Vegas Golden Knights.

Behind The Vegas Ice Episode 2, entitled "Making A Name For Itself," debuted on Wednesday and provided a glimpse into what will go down as some of the most important moments in Golden Knights history.

Here are the four main takeaways from what we saw in this month's episode, as well as a sneak preview into Episode 3, which premieres in February.

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1. The First Glimpse Of The Golden Knights

For the first five months that Vegas had an NHL team, the most pressing question surrounding the franchise was what the team name was going to be.

In Wednesday's episode, we witness the team-naming process culminate, leading to the Golden Knights' name, colors and logo debut on Nov. 22.

"We were really excited to finally cover the unveiling event for the team for the name and logo," Behind The Vegas Ice Writer/Producer Jacquie Levy said. "We had been producing the show, working on producing the show for months, and having to continuously say in the voiceover, 'the yet to be named NHL team, the Las Vegas NHL team, the Something Knights.

"So finally having a team name, a team logo, it gave identity to the team, but also to the show."

Episode 2 went behind the scenes to show not only what was shown on national television that night, but also showed the preparation that the team's staff went through to prepare for the evening.



2. The First Glimpse Of The Practice Facility

In case you hadn't noticed, "firsts" are a major theme around this franchise.

This trend will certainly continue later this year, when the team gets its first players, scores its first goal and wins its first game.

Leading into the core of Episode 2 which chronicled the unveiling of the Golden Knights team name, the episode's earlier moments went inside the groundbreaking of the team's Summerlin practice facility in early October.

"We are excited to be announcing what is, to me, one of the foundational elements of any successful sports organization," team president Kerry Bubolz said. "You've got to have a great facility for your team to practice.

"This is one of those extra things that helps separate you from other teams in the NHL. We're competing for players to come to our market, and this is one of those separating factors."

For more on where the practice facility construction process is at in January,CLICK HERE.

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3. Into The New Year

As the episode finished, we go with members of the Golden Knights' business staff, who participated in KLUC's toy drive in December.

As Levy outlined to us, this sets the stage for the next episode, which debuts in February, where the series will begin diving into the work that the team's hockey staff is putting in to scout players.

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"February's episode is going to feature a look at the scouting process," she said. "Amateur scouts are working on looking at some of the best junior players in the world.

"We were able to go exclusively with the team to Montreal to the IIHF World Junior Championships. We got to sit with some of the scouts in the Bell Centre and watch the watch these amateur players.



"We had them mic'ed up about how excited they were to be watching these amateur players, and how talented these players are. This is an opportunity for fans to see how much work is going on with the 20-something scouting staff that the Golden Knights have.

"And how they're not just looking in the U.S. They're out there all over the world, traveling through Canada, traveling through Europe and they're looking through junior players.

"It was over the course of New Year's Eve and New Year's Day - they're taking no time off, through the holidays, looking for talent."

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