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PODCAST: Miles Wood's connection to an Oscar nominated film

Devils forward's small town hometown was the backdrop to Manchester by the Sea

by Marc Ciampa /

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The second episode of the Devils Official Podcast is forward Miles Wood. 

Wood brought an interesting perspective to the podcast, talking about his hometown Manchester, Massachusetts, a small town with a population of just over 5,000 known for being a popular filming location for some major motion pictures. 

"There was one movie, The Departed with Sandra Bullock was actually shot in my friend's house, which is kind of cool," said Wood. "It's a great spot to be, so I guess people are drawn to it through that way. And then there's an Adam Sandler movie. Grown-ups."

But perhaps the most acclaimed movie is one that bears the town's name: Manchester by the Sea. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards and won two, including Casey Affleck for Best Actor. 

"So the boat that's in the movie, it's a white lobster boat is actually my friend's boat," Wood began. "My friend's dad, he's a lobsterman and he was just on his boat clearing out the boat one day and this guy came up to him, who was the director of Manchester by the Sea, and was like, hey, you have a great boat. I mean, there's like a thousand white boats, but apparently this one white boat was the perfect one and he's like, hey, can we just use your boat from the movie and he didn't know like the movie's being shot.

"So long story short then his boat is in the movie. So very very cool to see the movie."

Wood was asked his thoughts on the movie. He said he enjoyed it for the most part but watching it had its weird points. 

"I was like what the heck there's points in the movie where you obviously recognized (things) and that was the cool part there was one scene where they are doing a panorama shot of the Manchester Harbor and my parents house was in it so it's kind of cool to see.

"It's actually really cool that they didn't transform the town at all. It was actually the town because in some shows it'll be shot in town, but they'll change the streets or add trees and monuments where they shouldn't be."

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