Practice days are all about camaraderie and routine for Kaapo Kakko.

Long before Rangers practice even begins at the MSG Training Facility in Tarrytown, the Finnish winger spends quality time alongside his teammates.

Kakko is one of the Rangers players who resides in the city. To pass the time and share the driving duties, Kakko carpools with defensemen Ryan Lindgren and Braden Schneider, who live near him.

The trio meet up in the morning and have established a system for splitting up driving designation and providing coffee for the ride; plain hot coffee with milk is Kakko’s order.

“It doesn’t matter who is driving because we are always leaving way too early,” Kakko said with a smile. “We're always leaving too early because that’s what Schneider wants. I would like to sleep a little more, but it’s not my choice. It’s fun to go with those guys though in the same car. Someone gets coffee in the morning for the ride. There's a rotation about who is driving and who gets the coffee. It’s a nice drive in the morning.”

Another element of the trio’s practice-day commuting system is that the designated driver gets control of the music for the ride.

“When those guys are driving, there is too much country music,” Kakko said. “When I’m driving the music is better. It’s not Finnish music, but I always pick better music than country. Always better.”

After arriving at the training facility, Kakko, Schneider and Lindgren disperse to tend to their individual meetings, treatments and breakfast all before hitting the ice. Part of Kakko’s routine includes checking in with the training staff, whom he grew close with after rehabbing a lower-body injury earlier in the season.

“When I get to the rink, it’s still way too early,” Kakko said. “I usually go and talk with the trainers at the gym. I say good morning and ask how they are doing. Then, I eat breakfast. Every time it’s the same. An omelet with mushrooms and ham and then I have some regular bacon on the side. Then, I do a little warm up. I go back and see the trainers again in case there is anything I need or get taped up.”

Kakko explained that while every practice features its own agenda of areas to work on, he approaches each session the same and utilizes the same pre- and post-practice routines. After practice concludes, a staple of his routine includes fine-tuning his shot through shooting reps from different release spots.

“On the ice, I always do the same thing,” Kakko said. “I practice and then afterwards always get some shots in. Always end practices with shots, every time.”

After getting off the ice, addressing any media and undergoing any necessary post-practice treatments or meetings, Kakko continues to fuel his competitive spirit.

“I come back and maybe hop in the steam room for a little bit,” Kakko said. “Then, I shower. If somebody's feeling well, they will maybe play me in ping pong, maybe. I think they're scared, but if they are feeling well, they will play me in ping pong. But yes, usually steamer, take a shower, [play] ping pong, sometimes we eat [at the training facility] and sometimes we eat back at home.”

Once Kakko, Schneider and Lindgren are all finished up at the training facility, the trio head back to the city.

“It’s just fun to spend that extra time together,” Kakko said. “It’s a nice drive and we always have a good time. They’re fun days in the season.”