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2022-23 Season Ticket Citizen Benefits

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As a Nashville Predators Season Ticket Citizen, you will receive an extensive collection of exclusive benefits; the benefit levels vary depending on your commitment to a multi-year or one-year plan and a full, half or quarter plan.


Season Ticket Citizen Benefits for the 2022-23 Season Include:

Learn More: Loyal Legion Benefits for 2022-23

Loyal Legion Cost Savings

Season Ticket Citizens receive up to a 45% average savings off the Box Office price for regular season and Stanley Cup games and enjoy discounts on concessions and at the Nashville Locker Room.


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Loyal Legion Ticket Benefits

The Loyal Legion enjoy exclusive access to the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs, up to a 12-month interest free payment plan, access to a team of dedicated Guest Experience Team Members, bonus tickets and more!

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Loyal Legion Gifts & Rewards

As a Season Ticket Citizen you have exclusive access to numerous gifts and rewards! Loyal Legion members receive a number of gifts throughout the season and also have access to Smashville Rewards, a dynamic points-based benefits platform that allows you to receive once-in-a-lifetime experiences, unique Loyal Legion merchandise, concert tickets and much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, more SMASHVILLE! Bonus tickets are complimentary tickets for designated games you receive in your ticket plan. You may use these tickets to bring extra friends, family, co-workers or clients to experience SMASHVILLE live!

We've got you covered! We are always working to provide the best parking options for our Loyal Legion Citizens. Find our current gameday parking availability at

Even the most loyal Season Ticket Citizen misses a games or two… No Problem!

  • Preds Ticket Exchange Program: Exclusive to our Season Ticket Citizens, if you are unable to attend a game and do not wish to resell your tickets on NHL Ticket Exchange, the Nashville Predators will allow you to trade in for tickets to a select future game. Additional information can be found at
  • 7th Man Marketplace: The Predators 7th Man Marketplace gives Season Ticket Citizens the ability to resell their tickets directly to other Preds fans within the Nashville Predators viewing area for Gold Games. Selling through the 7th Man Marketplace on NHL Ticket Exchange will ensure that the best possible atmosphere is created for our players and fans by keepings Preds home games GOLD and maintaining our competitive home ice advantage in Smashville.

We understand that sometimes life changes are unavoidable so we do allow Season Ticket Citizens to cancel their season tickets for a per-seat fee which varies based on your seat location. More information can be found here.

Of course not! We work hard to provide our Season Ticket Citizens with the best benefits package in professional sports and each year, we look for new and better ways to help improve your experience in Smashville.

Want additional savings? Here you go! ACH Payment Plan: Convenience fees can be avoided by signing up for the ACH Payment Plan which directly withdraws from a checking or savings account. Fees amount to 3% of your monthly charge but if you enroll in the ACH Payment Plan, up to $10 per month of those fees will be waived. To switch to this plan, please contact your Guest Experience Team Member to provide your routing and bank account numbers.

NFTs - or Non-Fungible Tokens - are unique digital assets that use blockchain technology. The Predators have partnered with Eco-friendly NFT creator Fanaply to produce scarce and therefore collectible and valuable NFTs. Think of it as a digital trading card whose original cannot be reproduced. Only a certain number of certified authentic NFTs are produced, and once they are gone, no more will be created.

Your NFT will live under the My Collection section of the Fanaply site and can be exported to Metamask or moved to your wallet of choice like Apple Wallet or Google Play.

Unlike standard NFT platforms, Fanaply has built a system that dramatically reduces the environmental impact of NFT transactions. The proprietary approach Fanaply uses dramatically reduces the number of on-blockchain transactions generated, significantly reducing gas fees and energy consumption. This is unlike standard NFT systems that leverage the blockchain for every single transaction, which ultimately creates far greater energy consumption.