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Short Shifts

Pranked Ryan Murphy finds car full of packing peanuts

Hurricanes defenseman discovers SUV filled to brim with tiny styrofoam pieces @NHL

Hey, at least they weren't real peanuts.

Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk pranked teammate Ryan Murphy by filling his car with packing peanuts.

Murphy, obviously, was left a little salty, especially while he was shoveling up the mess in the parking lot.

Tweet from @JustinFaulk27: @JustinFaulk27 hard labor.

The defenseman's SUV was filled to the brim with the little white styrofoam pieces that are used to ship fragile items.

Tweet from @JustinFaulk27: Fragile. Handle with care.

We don't know where that many peanuts came from (perhaps Faulk got a lot of gifts sent to the house this holiday season?) or why Murphy was the target of such an inconvenience, but we do know he will be looking for a little payback.

Tweet from @ryanmurphy24: Revenge time!! Any suggestions.... preferably legal ones

"Revenge time!!" Murphy tweeted out with a picture of the car with its driver's side door open.

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