NEW YORK -- A new champion was crowned today in New York during the EA SPORTS NHL 24 World Championship, the National Hockey League announced. Ethan ‘Polgz’ Kerr-Polgar, who represented the Toronto Maple Leafs, earned his first EA SPORTS NHL 24 title, the $30,000 USD grand prize and a custom hockey stick trophy. The 21-year-old, Newmarket, Ont., resident won the back-and-forth, best-of-three series, including winning Game 1 in overtime against fellow Canadian Justin ‘Regs’ Reguly. With the win, Polgz cements his status as the top NHL 24 player in the World.

Polgz (@PolgzNHL on X) is an avid hockey fan and gamer who chose to represent his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs in the EA SPORTS NHL 24 World Championship. His superior offensive skills allowed him to score eight goals in the Final series to earn the World title. Polgz dedicated the win to his mother, who is his biggest supporter and has beat cancer three times.

Fellow Maple Leafs representative Regs finished the day as runner-up. Regs was previously the North American Champion of EA SPORTS NHL 22.

The virtual qualifying events for the live competition were hosted in partnership with Rival on its fan engagement platform that connects gamers from all over the world. The NHL 24 World Championship qualifying spanned two continents and showcased the global reach of virtual hockey.


Round Robin

Polgz (Toronto Maple Leafs) 3 vs. Regs (Toronto Maple Leafs) 2 (OT)
Deeks (Montreal Canadiens) 7 vs Tempannen (Anaheim Ducks) 3

Regs (Toronto Maple Leafs) 2 vs. Tempannen (Anaheim Ducks) 1 (OT)
Polgz (Toronto Maple Leafs) 4 vs. Deeks (Montreal Canadiens) 3

Regs (Toronto Maple Leafs) 5  vs. Deeks (Montreal Canadiens) 1
Polgz (Toronto Maple Leafs) 4 vs. Temppanen (Anaheim Ducks) 1

Standings after Round Robin

1. Eki (\automatically advanced to Semifinal) \defeated Gren for 1st seed
2. Gren (automatically advanced to Semifinal)
3. Polgz, TOR (3-0-0), 6 pts
4. Regs, TOR (2-0-1), 5 pts
5. Deeks, MTL (1-2-0), 2 pts
6. Temppanen, ANA (0-2-1), 1 pts
* * * *
Semifinal (best-of-three)
EKI (NYI) vs. Regs (TOR)
Regs wins series 2-0
Gren (BUF) vs. Polgz (TOR)
Polgz wins series 2-0
* * * * *
Final (best-of-three)
Game 1: Polgz, 3 vs. Regs, 2 (OT)
Polgz took an early lead over Regs by scoring the first goal of the series. Polgz secured a two-goal lead in the second period, which was quickly answered by Regs bringing the score to 2-1. Regs made an epic comeback in the third period, tying up the game with 17 seconds left and forcing the first game into overtime. Despite strong gameplay from both sides, Polgz pulled through to earn the overtime win.
Game 2: Polgz, 0 vs. Regs, 5
Regs dominated in Game 2 of the Final. He scored two goals in quick succession in the first period, then took a three-goal lead in the second period. Polgz had some good chances in the second period, but ultimately was unable to overcome Regs. Regs sealed the deal with another two goals towards the end of the third period, securing a 5-0 win over Polgz and tying the series at 2-2.
Game 3: Polgz, 5 vs. Regs, 3
*An unstoppable Polgz took the early lead, scoring four unanswered goals in the first period. After a mostly quiet second period, Regs got on the board with two unanswered goals of his own, suddenly cutting Polgz’s lead in half. Entering the third period at 4-2 with Polgz in the lead, Regs made up ground with another goal early in the third period, making for an exciting battle for the win. In the end, Polgz locked in the win with a fifth goal in the third period, winning Game 3 with a final score of 5-3 and ending the series 2-1.

World Championship History

2024 winner: Polgz (Ethan Kerr-Polgar); Runner-up: Regs (Justin Reguly)
2023 winner: Jos x 10 (Joseph Olmstead); Runner-up: EKI (Erik Tammenpää)
2022 winners: NA: Regs (Justin Reguly) & runner-up: Gren-35- (Matthew Grenier); EUR: EKI (Erik Tammenpää); Runner-up: EUR: J-_-JamalTheMan (Jimi Rönkkönen)
2021 winners
: NA: Gren-35- (Matthew Grenier) & runner-up: Regs (Justin Reguly); EUR: EKI (Erik Tammenpää) & runner-up: NikkeDangles (Niklas Tukiainen)
2020 winners*: CAN: Regs (Justin Reguly); USA: OF’s HF (Josh Fuss); EUR: Artuzio (Arttu Mustila) & Runners-up: EUR: YungGren (Matthew Grenier); USA: Top Shelf Cookie (Matthew Gutkoski); EUR: MrNipsuli (Roni Kajan)
2019 winners: Top Shelf Cookie (Matthew Gutkoski) & Runner-up: JohnWayne90 (John Casagranda)
2018 winners: EKI (Erik Tammenpää) & runner-up: Jr Pens (David Roebuck)

*World Championship canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions NA = North America / EUR = Europe
1. Polgz, Toronto Maple Leafs ($30,000 USD)
2. Regs, Toronto Maple Leafs ($10,000 USD)
3. Gren, Buffalo Sabres ($5,000 USD)
4. Eki, New York Islanders ($5,000 USD)
5. Deeks, Montreal Canadiens ($1,000 USD)
6. Temppanen, Anaheim Ducks ($1,000 USD)