Woll plays small piano

It may not have been a grand piano this time, but that’s not going to stop Joseph Woll from showing off his musical skills.

In the latest episode of “Blue Room” – a YouTube show from the Toronto Maple Leafs – Woll showed that he can impress on pianos of any size.

Back in January, at the team’s Night With the Blue and White Gala, the goalie turned heads, playing the theme from Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar on the grand piano at the event. So, naturally, Woll was asked about his musical skills in the new YouTube episode.

“When I was younger our family bought a big grand piano,” Woll said in the video. “I tried out piano lessons for a few months and it wasn’t really my thing. I wasn’t great at reading the music, so I kind of scrapped that and I ended up learning how to play by ear and play by memorization. That actually ended up making me love the piano that much more.”

The conversation then shifted to the potential of starting a team band – with Matthew Knies picking up the guitar and Ryan Reaves on the drums – but Woll had a concern.

“I don’t know if I’ve found a singer,” Woll said with a laugh. “I’ve heard [Mark Giordano] sing. I don’t think he’d be the best. [Mitchell Marner] looks like he’d be singing but, again, I don’t know if he’d be the best.”

Woll the got a very small electronic piano – not quite the grand piano he is used to – and he played a rendition of the classical song Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. He received a strong round of applause from the small audience in the studio, deservedly so.

Even though we couldn’t see the crowd, it may as well have been a standing ovation.

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