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Tweets of the Game: Third Time's the Charm 3/2

We turn to Twitter to see the real story of the LA Kings 3-2 shootout win against the Toronto Maple Leafs

by Emily Griganavicius @LAKings /


Tweet from @LAKings: 88 ��

Tweet from @CynthiaInCali: Stick handling exercises with @pDue54 #LAKings

Tweet from @MarkMillerBiz: First @LAKings game for these two and they got a puck!

Tweet from @fasbackgl: Excited to see Iggy in #88 ��#LetsWinForBob #LAKings

Tweet from @LAKings: "Teehee." - Brown

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: #LAKings starters: Quick, Forbort-Doughty, Iginla-Kopitar-Gaborik. Scratches: Andreoff, Gravel, Nolan. Andersen goes for TOR.

1st Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: Let���s LEAF Toronto in the dust.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Van Riemsdyk centering pass redirects off the skate of Bozak; 1-0 Leafs 2:04 in.

Could have been the first shot on goal...1-0, Maple Leafs.

Tweet from @aussiemily: Sure enough on their third shot the Maple Leafs score. Quick is facing left, can't get across fast enough for the shot on the right #LAKings

Tweet from @julian_silagy: Here we go again... #LAKings

Tweet from @LAKings: �� Hey there, Iginla.

Tweet from @CoasterMatt: Please score on this power play, @LAKings

But what fun is that?

Tweet from @RichMendeez: Someone tell the LA Kings that they're allowed to score before the 3rd period starts

Tweet from @inkprincess: Oh Bob. Nice ovation. #LAKings

Same, Kevin. Same.

Tweet from @thekevinryder: I wish anyone, including my mom, loved me as much as @LAKings fans love Bob Miller :) #GKG

Tweet from @hamby_bo: First period scoring chances: LA 5 (2 on the power play), TOR 5.SOG: LA 7, TOR 7. #LAKings down 1-0.

2nd Period.

Tweet from @LAKings: This ovation for Bob... chills. Utter chills. #ThankYouBob

Tweet from @JohnEarlBurnett: Time to kick it into high gear!! @LAKings #GKG #BeatTheLeafs

Tweet from @lillahiker: Kopi drew the penalty. Let's make it count. #LAKings

Uh oh..2-0, Maple Leafs.

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Faceoff goal, TOR. Carter line vs Boyle line. Boyle wins it clean back to Zaitsev; shot deflects (off Boyle?) from the slot past Quick. 2-0.

Tweet from @C_DUBYouKnow: 2-0 leafs. This @LAKings team is not playing like they want to make the playoffs.

Tweet from @RobinR_84: 2-0 ugh... #LAKings

Maybe if paging people was still a thing...

Tweet from @LAKingsFanOC: Can someone page the Kings scorers please?!?

Tweet from @Hawaii_77: #LAKings

Tweet from @curtis_helle: #LAKings another post for the kings. This is getting unbelievable

My guess is when the Kings are the ones winning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tweet from @kayaubrianna: When does hockey get fun again .. #LAKings

Tweet from @Lhultin: Watching the #LAKings makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Hard.

3rd Period.


Tweet from @LAKings: Kopitar cuts the lead to 2-1.Now that's using y��o��u��r�� someone else's head!

Tweet from @tystoffoli: FINALLY KOPI SCORES #LAKings

Tweet from @CupChamps77: Anze's one timer was headed for the penalty box #foulball #wide #LAKings

Tweet from @TheMouthLAKings: #VisorShattered

TIE GAME! 2-2.

Tweet from @LAKings: Tanner Pearson with a quick move to tie it up at 2-2!

Tweet from @mandaalarue: @LAKings this is why Pearson is player of the month ��

Tweet from @Selena_Castill0: Pearson gets the goal after taking a big hit #LAKings

Tweet from @TrojanWarrior: TANNER!!!!!!! Man on Fire! #LAKings #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @coleyy32: seems like the #lakings have turned over a new leaf.

Tweet from @Michelle_Pinsky: #LAKings #TMLtalk



Tweet from @orphieus: This OT feels like a playoff game, lol. :O #LAKings

Fun? Stressful? Same thing.

Tweet from @__robertf: Wow. That was a fun OT. #LAKings #GKG


Tweet from @LAKings: 3-on-3 is the best3-on-3 is the worst3-on-3 is the best3-on-3 is the worst3-on-3 is the best3-on-3 is the worst...and then a shootout

Tweet from @AndriaRazz: OMG QUICKIE!!! HE IS ALL OVER! LOVE HIM!! #LAKings

Tweet from @MilesEckert: Oh lawdy #LAKings

Tweet from @__robertf: That was a beautiful save there by Quick. #LAKings

Tweet from @indaeo: KOPI MY LOVE! #lakings

Tweet from @LAKings: RADICAL ��

Final. 3-2, Kings.

Tweet from @LAKings: See you this Saturday, #LAKings fans, for our next game at home!

Tweet from @jeffTBH: Steal of a game @LAKings

Tweet from @el_ynaffit: YESSS TWO POINTS!!! TWO POINTS!!!!!! #LAKINGS

Tweet from @LAKings: He back.

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