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Tweets of the Game: The Hatty Edition

Hockey games don't get much more exciting than five goals scored, four in the same period and one hat trick

by LA Kings @LAKings /

Last night, the LA Kings organization came together to support the fight against cancer.

Tweet from @LAKings: The Ontario Reign guys are here tonight to support the fight against cancer �� #BreakawayFromCancer

Tweet from @JenDorkin: I Fight for those we have lost, fellow survivors, & those still fighting!! #hockeyFIGHTScancer #fighters #survivors #memorial #GoKingsGo ��

But there was also a huge baseball game being played.

Tweet from @Dodger_Fan84: When you���re going to a @LAKings game but still repping #ThisTeam @DodgersNation

Tweet from @MusicSoop: Go @LAKings. Beat the habs!

Tweet from @LAKings: The flow just keeps getting better �� @tytoff16

Tweet from @bankspet: It���s game time LA Kings vs Montreal Canadiens

Always got to have respect for a legend.

Tweet from @JC_in_Calgary: They're playing Courage in LA at the Habs game @LAKings #GordDownie

Tweet from @jeremyhorbul: Aw they played The Hip's Courage. Thanks buds, @LAKings!

Well that's not how the game's supposed to go ...

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: Not as good of a shift by Forbort. Doesn't receive support, turnover at goal line. Byron beats him to rebound of a Danault shot; 1-0 MTL.

Tweet from @Cha242: Cupcake down! NOOOO!!! @LAKings #GOKINGSGO #KICKHABASS

Don't worry, Michael Cammalleri's got it.

Video: MTL@LAK: Cammalleri swats the puck past Montoya

Tweet from @HelloItsCas: @LAKings GOAL!!! TIE GAME!!!! #gokingsgo

Tweet from @marcotietz: What do you do in between @LAKings hockey periods? Watch the @Dodgers game of course! :)

Everyone's worst nightmare.

Tweet from @jennayfarr: NOOOO CARTSSSSSS FEEL BETTER �� @LAKings

Tweet from @jesuiah01: Finding out @lakings' @JeffCarter_77 is out with a lower body injury

Tweet from @LAKings: When the LA Kings have had 27 shots on goal but have only scored 1 goal...

Is that so, Victoria?

Tweet from @gallyftmete: LA Kings cannot shoot at all, even if their life depended on it lol

Patience is a virtue, Matt.

Tweet from @Indiana_Matt: For my money, the @LAKings season doesn���t really start until they struggle to score against a backup goalie from a slumping team.

Tweet from @RobSince1989: It's fun watching Quick go to work in the net! Puts on a clinic every time @LAKings

Adrian Kempe looking good as ever.
Oh, that goal was nice too.

Video: MTL@LAK: Kempe muscles a puck past Montoya in the 3rd

Tweet from @kayaubrianna: THE @LAKINGS HAVE THE LEAD. HOW SWEDE!!

Tweet from @taco_tofolli: Way to go!!! #GOKINGSGO

Cammalleri just unstoppable on the ice.

Video: MTL@LAK: Cammalleri slips in rebound for second goal

Tweet from @kch917: Cammalleri again! ��������@LAKings #GOKINGSGO

We like offense.

Tweet from @Mflames44: Guys! The @LAKings are scoring goals!!! Repeat the Kings are scoring goals! #GKG

Tweet from @andylassner: And another @LAKings goal!!God I love hockey. 

And anotha!

Video: MTL@LAK: Kempe scores his second on the rush

Tweet from @aLMa_182: Because my fav player is having himself one heck of a game ����!! @LAKings

Tweet from @ryone_24: @LAKings offense is rolling right now dayum #GOKINGSGO

Same, Tommy. So same.

Tweet from @TommyJ2O: Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes @LAKings

Tweet from @KingsMenPodcast: tHe La KiNgS hAvE tRoUbLe ScOrInG


Video: MTL@LAK: Kempe buries slap shot for hat trick


Tweet from @_naataaliee: KEMPE HAT TRICK OMG MY REIGN BABY @LAKings


Tweet from @FatsoTC: Kempe!! ������ 5-1 @LAKings #GoKingsGo

Winning is fun.

Tweet from @LAKings: ICYMI: The LA Kings are still undefeated in regulation this season ��\_(���)_/��

Tweet from @lakingsclarissa: the LA Kings are still the only team in the NHL who have not lost a game in regulation yet :))

Tweet from @brittneyt_3: Hello yes, the @LAKings are still unbeaten in regulation and are currently sittin' pretty at the top of the NHL :))))

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