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LA Kings 2017 Draft Lottery Odds: What is More Likely to Occur?

An in-depth breakdown on the LA Kings chances of getting the No. 1 pick at the 2017 Entry NHL Draft

by PumperNicholl @PumperNicholl /

Tomorrow could be a pretty big day.

The NHL Draft Lottery takes place at 5 p.m. in Toronto and the LA Kings have a 4.509% chance of getting the No. 1 pick in the 2017 NHL Draft.

These odds are a whole lot better than what Kings fans have been used to the past few months:

Tweet from @LAKings: 0.07%......we got this ��

Tweet from @LAKings: 0.35%......we got this ��

Tweet from @LAKings: 0.13%......we got this ��

To put this into a little perspective for you, the Kings have more of a chance of getting the first pick than someone has of...

1. Winning the Powerball jackpot:

2. Seeing a dog cuter than Arlo Dowd:
Tweet from @Paige_Kraemer: Arlo is SO happy to be @LAKings #BarkMadness champ! He is very honored! As a reward he would like a doggy-sibling @JimmyDowder26 ���� #please

3. Winning an Olympic Gold Medal:

4. Becoming President of the United States:

5. Getting attacked by a shark that is whidely considered to be the coolest shark in the ocean:

6. Finding someone who thinks Adrian Kempe doesn't have the best hair on the Kings:

7. Getting struck by lightning:

8. Meeting an Anaheim Ducks fan who stayed for the entirety of Game 1 against the Edmonton Oilers:
0.0097% Tweet from @PumperNicholl: One minute left in Game 1 #PaintItAnEmptyArena

9. Becoming a professional hockey player:

10. Catching a ball at a baseball game:

11. Getting a hole-in-one:

12. Meeting someone who has the exact same birthday as you:

13. Giving Tyler Toffoli a cupcake he doesn't like:

14. Being called to "Come on Down!" on The Price is Right:

15. Having twins:

16. Having twins who win the Stanley Cup together:

The odds don't look great for the Kings, but they aren't zero percent odds, either.


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