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Get to Know LA Kings Esports Representative Harut Janikian

Harut Janikian to represent the Kings in a four-team Esports Chel Tournament this weekend

by Jack Jablonski @LAKings /

The North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) is teaming up with the LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Vegas Golden Knights and Florida Panthers for an exciting Esports tournament.

On February 8th, 21-year-old Harut Janikian won the Esports LA Kings Qualifier to be able to represent the Kings in the 2020 Chel Invitational tournament on Saturday, February 22. Janikian will be the first Esports player to ever play for the Kings.

Let's get to know Janikian:

When did you start playing the NHL video games? Who is your favorite to team play with? 

HJ: I first started playing the NHL video games in 2006 with NHL06 on the GameCube. My favorite team to use has been the Kings every year I have played the games.

What was your introduction to hockey?

HJ: I was introduced to hockey for as long as I remember, my father would put me on his lap when I was a baby and I would watch the games. I have loved the sport of hockey all of my life.

Instagram from @hjanikian818: A little throwback with the fam

Best moment you've experienced related to the game of hockey? (Video game or real life)

HJ: My best experience was the Kings winning the Stanley Cup in 2014 with Martinez's overtime goal, for some reason that cup run felt more exciting and electric than the one that brought the Kings the first cup in franchise history. Regarding video game experience, it was probably just last year when I won the Ducks open division tournament.

Instagram from @hjanikian818: Last night, I took home first place at the Anaheim Ducks NHL19 tournament! The experience was amazing. The only bad part was I had to wear a Ducks jersey the whole time...

What are your career aspirations? 

HJ: My current career aspirations are to graduate with my bachelor's degree in accounting for information systems and get my CPA certification.

What are some of your hobbies outside of playing Chel?

HJ: Some of my hobbies include playing basketball, watching films, and discovering new music to listen to. 

The first round starts at 11:45 on Saturday, February 22 at DreamHack Anaheim. The first round matchups include: Kings vs Vegas, Ducks vs Panthers. Scholarships, grants, and team prizes totaling more than $50,000 will be awarded to winners! 

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