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VGK Launch Accounts On Social Media Platforms In China, Weibo & WeChat

Team announces official accounts on popular social media sites in China

by Vegas Golden Knights @GoldenKnights /

VEGAS (September 9, 2019) - Vegas Golden Knights President Kerry Bubolz announced today, September 9, the launch of two official Chinese-language accounts on the popular social media platforms, Weibo and WeChat (Weibo ID: GoldenKnights黄金骑士,WeChat ID:GoldenKnights). The platforms will be home to exclusive photo, video and written content produced for Mandarin-speaking Golden Knights fans.

"Our VGK Worldwide initiative has expanded to China," said Vegas Golden Knights Chief Marketing Officer Brian Killingsworth. "We are committed to serving Golden Knights fans all over the world with engaging content. We are proud of our diverse fan base and the connections we have made in the Asian community. Our Weibo and WeChat channels will deepen these connections and provide our Mandarin-speaking fans and our fans in China with compelling photos, videos and stories that they will not be able to find anywhere else."

Best described as a combination of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Weibo is one of the biggest social media platforms in China and has over 445 million active monthly users. WeChat is a mobile text and messaging app with functions similar to Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp that has more than one billion active monthly users. Fans throughout China will now be able to actively engage with the Golden Knights and stay up to date on the latest team news and information through the Weibo and WeChat accounts.

The club's VGK Worldwide initiative is a digitally-based global community that serves and unites Golden Knights fans around the world. For more information visit

The Vegas Golden Knights are a National Hockey League franchise owned and operated by Black Knight Sports and Entertainment LLC. The Vegas Golden Knights were established by founding partners William Foley and his family and the Maloof family. For the latest news and information on the Golden Knights visit Fans can follow the team on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


拉斯维加斯(2019年9月9日)-维加斯黄金骑士队总裁Kerry Bubolz宣布,球队今日正式在两大中文社交平台--微博和微信发布官方账号(维加斯黄金骑士队官方微博:GoldenKnights黄金骑士,官方微信公众号:GoldenKnights)。中国球迷今后可通过维加斯黄金骑士队微博及微信公众号收看球队最新的图片、视频及中文资讯。

维加斯黄金骑士队首席市场官Brian Killingsworth表示:"我们决心用优质内容服务全世界的黄金骑士球迷。我们对拥有多元化的球迷基础并与亚洲球迷有紧密联系感到骄傲。黄金骑士队的微博及微信公众号将加深这种联系,向中文用户及远在中国的粉丝奉上引人入胜的图片、视频和故事。这些独一无二的精彩内容只有在球队的微博及微信公众号才会呈现。"


采访请求及媒体垂询可联系维加斯黄金骑士队公关团队的Eric Tosi (


维加斯黄金骑士队是北美国家冰球联赛球队,由Black Knight Sports 及Entertainment LLC持有及经营,由William Foley家族联合Maloof家族创办。访问vegasgoldenknights.com可获取维加斯黄金骑士队最新资讯,球迷可在 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 和 Snapchat关注球队的社交账号。

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