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Catching up with Marc-Andre Fleury

Goalie talks about time at home with the family, science projects, and his workout routine

by Gary Lawless @GoldenKnights /

Marc-Andre Fleury might be the author of the Superman Save, but there's more than a little Clark Kent in his everyday existence. Kids, caterpillars, cooking and cleaning are all on the docket these days for the goalie Vegas Golden Knights fans have grown to love.

It has been a difficult season for the future Hall of Fame netminder with the death of his father taking an understandable toll. The three-time Stanley Cup champion took a parcel of games off to mourn with his family mid-season.

Change has also been part of Fleury's season with head coach Gerard Gallant being dismissed and backup Malcolm Subban traded. The team in front of Fleury struggled at times and his numbers bore the brunt.

All of this is to say Fleury might very well be one of the players who benefit most from the NHL season pause. Rest and a clear mind as well as the arrival of a partner in Robin Lehner who can share to load are all positives Fleury could draw on if and when the season resumes.

For now, however, Fleury must occupy his days with his wife and three kids. We caught up with the 35-year-old and here he is in his own words.

Gary Lawless: What has a typical day looked like in the Fleury household?
Marc-Andre Fleury: On a weekday, probably get up with James around 6 a.m. My wife and I share that duty. Then the kids get up by 7 a.m., maybe. Breakfast for everyone and then start homeschooling. That is probably the biggest, hardest thing during the day. Just trying to get them to listen and do their work. With the teacher Estelle is good, but I think she has had enough of me and my wife trying to tell her what to do with schoolwork. It takes hours to do. Sometimes we start around 9 a.m. and she's done at 2, 3 or 4 p.m. The other person watches James and while he goes to nap in the morning is when I can go workout. Cooking, cleaning and then once they are finally in bed I'm done. I just clean up and then lay down to watch a show. We watch a show pretty much every night in the quiet and then go to bed.

GL: So you have a wife, three kids and two dogs. Anything else?
MAF: Caterpillars. It's a science thing, waiting for them to turn to butterflies. Just a few.

GL: What are you cooking?
MAF: The wife is mostly the cook. When I do, I can do crepes. Other than that, she cooks all the meals. She's very good at it too, so I'm lucky for that.

GL: What do the crepes look like?
MAF: Depends, I'm a plain guy. I like it with maple syrup. The youngest daughter is Nutella and fruit, and the oldest daughter is whipped cream and fruit.

GL: What do your workouts consist of?
MAF: I have stuff at home. Pilates table, weights, bench and stuff like that. I got a slide board too so I can do goalie movement, post-to-post. I have a mountain bike so I like to go out in the mountains too.

GL: Are you in good shape?
MAF: Pretty good I think. I train Monday through Friday and take the weekend off.

GL: What are the weekends like?
MAF: Arts and crafts, board games and a lot of time in the pool these days. Bicycles, going for walks with the dogs and whole family. I got a side-by-side too, so I take my two daughters and we go on the trails in the desert. That's been fun too. You're outside and at first they were scared, but it goes everywhere. It goes pretty quick and you can go up the mountains. There are a bunch of trails back here, so lucky for that too.

GL: Do you ever throw on the apron on weekends?
MAF: My wife does most of it. We have done a few Postmates. It's easy and we try to support the restaurants around town. Give them some business.

GL: Why was it so important to help out the part-time workers?
MAF: Every year I try to look for charities and foundations to help. This to me was obvious; those are the people that make our games fun and help us make this happen every night that we play. These are the closest workers to me, other than our organization. Just wanted to help and I knew this was going to be a tough time for a lot of people.

GL: Do you still miss us?
MAF: Yeah, for sure. We're used to seeing each other almost every day, so it is weird not to. Obviously we've been home for a long time now. Hopefully everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

GL: Which of your teammates do you miss the most?
MAF: Tough to pick just one guy. I love our team's chemistry. Marchy with his big mouth is always chirping guys, Schmidty dancing and laughing and then Engo is always quiet. I don't know, just all the guys.

GL: If you could go do anything tomorrow, what would it be?
MAF: Good question Gary. Just a nice, slow and relaxing dinner or a movie. Go have a drink somewhere, nice dinner. Something like that maybe.

GL: How is it spending so much time with family?
MAF: Actually not bad. Everybody is still alive, we haven't killed each other yet so that is good. Obviously sometimes we get on somebody's nerves. I get on my wife's and she gets on mine, but that is to be expected. Honestly I'm very fortunate to have three great kids and a great wife. She is my best friend. It's been good. Good to spend time with the kids too, right? Every day put them in bed and always being there for them. Helping with school even though it gets hard.

GL: Do you read any stories at night?
MAF: Yep, just books before bedtime. Try to change the voice, but even the English books all have the French accent. I'm not too good of an actor to make it entertaining.

GL: Nick Holden says that he is a lot more animated…
MAF: I'll have to ask him for stories. Maybe record the stories and play them for my kids.

GL: What is the favorite thing you and the family have done?
MAF: Just the ordinary things. The time that we have at home to do just our normal stuff. We're not rushing to get on the road, to unpack or to sleep. Every day we get the energy for just the normal life things, it's been good.

GL: What is your opinion on resuming the season?
MAF: I hope we do. I keep an eye on what people are talking about, like scenarios and stuff. Obviously everyone's health is what is most important, if there is a way that we can finish. This weekend there was a UFC fight. I got it, I was watching it and was happy to see some live sports. With sports, if we can bring some of that to people's homes, a little happiness and excitement to change their mind a bit. If we play, there are so many workers that are involved. All the coaches and staff members. There is so much in line there.

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